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SubSonicPumpAction 07.13.2009 03:09 AM

DeadDiscoDildo 07.13.2009 12:52 PM

So like I was saying.

MellySingsDoom 07.13.2009 01:42 PM

Satan - your cover sounds like a JAMC-surf type cover - quite toe-tapping.

deflinus 07.16.2009 11:56 PM

DeadDiscoDildo 07.27.2009 03:56 AM


jon boy 08.02.2009 01:36 PM 1716

Dead-Air 08.07.2009 11:25 PM


viewtiful_alan 08.07.2009 11:48 PM

I was in a band called the Wrenegades in middle school.
I played bass strung out on codine.

We played one, 3 song long set at a shitty coffee place.

Our set included I wanna be your dog and 2 originals, "dont cry emo kid" and (I shit you not) "fuck you principal"

We were pretty epic. After our 5 minute set, when we were expected to have at least ten more minutes of material, we just made noise (before I had any idea of noise as a concept or even cool) until the plug got pulled on us and we were all individually banned from playing at this place ever again in any bands or solo.

We were that awful.

FreshChops 08.09.2009 03:35 AM

this is a glimpse at some concept melodies I've recently done. My computer w/ ProTools went down and I'm limited to capturing stuff on a looper pedal, then bouncing them to iTunes for now. These are all short, all guitar only and all rough.

adambosse 08.09.2009 05:20 PM

why do my posts get deleted? am i not allowed to provide links to a bandcamp page?

adambosse 08.09.2009 08:51 PM

h t t p : / / darkhorse . bandcamp . com /

StevOK 08.09.2009 11:05 PM

It's just because you're a new user. Spambots tend to post a lot of links.

adambosse 08.09.2009 11:33 PM

oohh. bummer.

FreshChops 08.10.2009 12:13 AM


Originally Posted by adambosse
why do my posts get deleted? am i not allowed to provide links to a bandcamp page?

I think you need 10 or more post before it will work. Until then no attachments and links (to avoid spamming)

DeadDiscoDildo 08.15.2009 02:27 PM

finding nobody 08.16.2009 03:07 AM

group that I'm a part of

pinkstation 08.20.2009 12:56 AM

i have a hardcore band called screaming turtles

Dead-Air 08.22.2009 12:16 PM

from our last gig, a week ago:


mkuboot 08.26.2009 05:47 AM

Yes, we are 'Tonic Smooth'.
The band name is not yet definitive as it reminds too much of Rolling Stones...:D :o It is strongly rivalled by 'BOIING'.

BOIING plays Electro-Pschychedelic Folk-Grunge.
I play guitar and slide-bass.

Aaaadrpk 09.13.2009 03:13 PM

Yes, I play guitar and scream, and about the band name...I'm not shore. We are looking for bass player. And the sound could be like punk, and rock, and, noise, and no noise, and nothing this. and NOT similar britpop wave. (I respect but I don't like)

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