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createsounds 04.06.2006 11:59 PM

NOISE !!!!!!!!!!
one on my bands THE RED LIGHTER theres a live recording of us on the new moon 3.29.06 ..................enjoi w/ many lights & stars

another of my projects
guitar & drums machine

and yet another of my projects
guitar & cassette tape driven spoken word


6L6GC 04.07.2006 01:23 PM

i play different stuff in montgomery ward...we are retarded...

hey alex 04.09.2006 01:31 PM

i put a few new songs on my myspace...

I think if I do songs over 2 minutes they start to suck.

val-holla-ing 04.09.2006 11:02 PM

i play in a band called butttruck ( we all rotate on different instruments, but i play mostly laptop.

also, i just started a new project with my friend. i'll be playing saxophone/voice/laptop and he'll be playing drums/voice/laptop. no name yet, but we just played an "art show" last night. didn't go so well, seeing as how we they practically pulled the plug on us during our second set.

Onani Nic 04.10.2006 10:24 AM

I'm in a band called Onani. We have self released two CD-Rs and have a live CD-R coming out on Sound and Fury Recordings. We also just got the support slot for Wolf Eyes on one of the Sydney shows which is a dream come true!!

It seems every band in the world has one of these now:

marleypumpkin 04.10.2006 10:27 AM

here's mine:

!@#%$! 04.11.2006 12:57 AM

I play the axe and have a band called "Biff".

!@#$%! 04.11.2006 01:06 AM

heeee heeeeee!!! that was good-- really it made me laugh. see if you were this funny in all posts i wouldn't mind :D

nicfit 04.11.2006 11:28 AM

well,a freshly made blog-site that i want to keep as simple as possible..feel free to comment (here or there)

edit-if it was not clear enough,it's the site of my band,not just a blog----

funhouse 04.11.2006 03:03 PM

yeah i actually do have a band
i play guitar, its a four piece band, all chicks. we play punk/indie/noise type stuff.

m^a(t)h 04.11.2006 08:25 PM

i am in a two piece called the mechanicals

i play texture guitar and tapes

we are noise and ambient

vacuum noise 04.13.2006 12:18 AM

yes, i play mainly guitar and vocals...

heres my band http:// http:// & http://

heres my solo stuff http://
& & old stuff http://

and heres a pic of us

nicfit 04.13.2006 03:41 AM

could somebody give me a little help?
you should just check out this link
and tell me if you see anything (i made it with flickr,i guess you need a flash player,but i am not sure it works coz i made it with photos listed as "private")...thanks for your help (i can see them,but maybe it's just because i am automatically logged in on flickr,i don't want to mess up cookies just to give it a try...)thanks in advance.

Washing Machine 04.16.2006 05:21 AM

Im in a band at the moment and its just not working! Im looking to set up a new band! It will probebly sound like a cross between Sonic Youth/Smashing Pumpkins/System of a down/RHCP!!

Danny Himself 04.16.2006 05:28 PM

I'm sans band right now. I only have like two or three real songs under my belt. I think once I have about five or six tunes I'll set out on finding some sonik cohorts.

Any takers?

Silent Dan Speaks 04.16.2006 08:14 PM

I have a band.

I play guitar.

But we can't decide on a direction, and I can't get my bandmates to focuse on anything.

And they're in my other friend's band, which has been together 2 months and has already done more than we have, so I don't think they really need me.

So in short, I'm thinking about ending the band.

Danny Himself 04.16.2006 08:19 PM

I'd end the band and try to get some more reliable bandmates. Bands with assholes in them never last long. And if they do last, they always change lineups. So yeah, it's best to spend ages finding the perfect collaborators than settling on some quick-gotten losers.

Sorry if I offended you or anything in using 'losers' and 'assholes', but yeah, I am one offensive dude. :]

Silent Dan Speaks 04.16.2006 10:06 PM

Well, they're 2 of my best friends, and I really don't have any alternatives for musicians to play with. Even if there were, nobody else around town is into my music, or the kind I'd like to be making.

So my options are either stay with a band that does almost nothing, or go solo.

And I don't want to be one of those sad guys by himself on guitar. I just don't think there's room for one more in the world.

But the band is gonna end when my drummer moves to california in a few months, so thats probably what I'll end up doing anyway.

RockerNino 04.16.2006 10:16 PM

i play guitar, sing, and write the most of the music in a band. but right now we dont have a drummer or bassist. my guitarist writes his own stuff. i also have a solo acoustic project. i wanna put out a solo album first though. but id love to get a full band goin. drummers are a bitch to find.

RIPfrey05 04.16.2006 10:31 PM

mike jones eats peach pies in florida and mossouri
we are the floerida orange birds and this is off the ep called "southern spring"

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