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ilduclo 03.09.2012 10:05 AM

Lee Ranaldo
Tuesday, March 20th, 3pm - 6pm
on Brian Turner's show WFMU
Despite a vast history of production, poetry, writing, photography, and of course helping re-invent the modern approach to electric guitar chronicled under his belt, Sonic Youth guitarist and co-founder Lee Ranaldo has yet to release a solo album of his songs in a rock band context until now. His brand new Matador release "Between the Time and Tides" comes out March 20th, and on this day Lee visits Brian Turner's show to blast through what's sure to be an amazing set of new songs and probably some surprises as well. His live band, which features Alan Licht, Irwin Menken, and longtime SY drummer cohort Steve Shelley, has been playing around NYC since October's debut at the Bell House. Not only do they evoke Lee's finest moments and songcraft from his contributions to Sonic Youth, but also can be said to further feed his pure classic rock jones via the likes of Crazy Horse and Television. Not to be missed!

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