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greenlight 02.14.2007 02:34 PM

my favourite 2day would be

THE DECEMBERISTS - Hamburg, Knust, 13 February 2007 *AUD MASTER*

Peter Brötzmann-Han Bennink, Dachau December 15, 2005 AUD

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS 2004-11-14 BERLIN [FM] with sample

Animal Collective - Philly - 3/22/06-DVD Alt. Source *UPGRADE*

dEUS 17/06/99 Live in Radio 3, Spain

Frank Zappa - Budapest 1991 - Last public performance - Jazz Improv with gypsy band

SonikJesus 02.14.2007 03:50 PM

Yes, this thread is back!

TheDom 02.15.2007 03:23 PM

LOOP 1990-04-17 Utrecht, Tivoli (SBD)
-upped by greener

Jesus and Mary Chain - Rolling Stone, Milano, Italy, May 22nd 1986, from master.
-upped by 38f

Television - 1976-04-16, CBGB, NYC (Partial Show) (SR Collection #21)
-upped by steverovner

The Fall Wulfren Hall Wolverhampton 17th May 1993
-upped by grockle

-upped by BillfromMA

Jefferson Airplane - 1968-09-15 - Concertgebouw, Amsterdam (REQUEST)
-upped by kimo12fr

Torn Curtain 02.17.2007 06:12 PM

So It Goes - Blondie, The Clash, Elvis Costello etc - PAL DVD
upped by Kotdd

I think that many artists on that DVD may interest people here:

01. Rip Her To Shreds - Blondie (1977-11-07)
02. Psychomafia (clip)/interview/Industrial Estate (clip) - The Fall (recorded 13 Feb, broadcast May 78)
03. Jordan (Pamela Rooke) soundbite (1978-03-11)
04. Glad To Be Gay - Tom Robinson Band (1977-11-06)
05. Johnny Thunders soundbite (1977-11-06)
06. Watching The Detectives - Elvis Costello & The Attractions (Eric's, Liverpool, 1977-10-16)
07. Neon Shuffle - XTC (Middleton Civic Hall, 1977-11-27)
08. Jonathan Richman soundbite (July 76)
09. Endless Sleep - Nick Lowe (Eric's, Liverpool, 1977-10-23)
10. Cherry Vanilla soundbite (1977-10-30)
11. Motorcade - Magazine (1977-12-04)
12. Devo soundbite (1978-03-11)
13. You'll Never See A Nipple In The Daily Express / interview / Psycle Sluts - John Cooper-Clarke (1977-10-09)
14. Iggy Pop interview (1977-10-30)
15. Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric (July 77)
16. Freedom (Charles Mingus) / interview / The Busdriver's Prayer - Ian Dury (1977-12-11)
17. Capital Radio - The Clash (Elizabethan Suite. Manchester, 1977-12-11)
18. Janie Jones - The Clash (as 17)
19. Kung Fu International - John Cooper-Clarke (Elizabethan Suite, Manchester, 1977-12-04)

greenlight 02.21.2007 03:49 PM


Six organs of admittance -VPRO Dwars session and interview, January 17, 2005 *FM>MD-master*

Jim O'Rourke 1999-07-08 Banana Hall, Osaka, Japan

Brett Robinson 02.21.2007 09:15 PM

uh yeah, that's some really rare PRURIENT-related footage. It's Dom doing a 3-way collab w/ FORCE OF NATURE productions Peter Lee and Jeff Plummer of Truculent Recordings fame.

Plus PINE TREE STATE MIND CONTROL are amazing. Radioactive prostitute are amazing. HORCHATA is a one man IDM wrecking machine!

atari 2600 02.26.2007 10:06 AM

[This is a "homecoming show" (1986) with special guests:
Walter Lure - most tracks
* w. Richard Hell
** David Sylvain
Sound is good, not great (check out the sample)
...because Marc plays and it has John & Evan.
John Lurie –as, ss;
Evan Lurie-p;
Marc Ribot-g;
Roy Nathanson-as;
Curtis Fowlkes-tb;
Dougie Browne-dr;
Eric Sanko-b

atari 2600 02.26.2007 11:23 PM


Originally Posted by atari 2600

Peter Brötzmann/Keiji Haino/Shoji Hano - Minor Jazz - 3-30-2000 by dwp


glad I (took my own advice &) went for this one

Torn Curtain 02.27.2007 05:09 PM

Pixies - Futurama Festival - Deinze - 25-09-1988
upped by Storm

My Brightest Diamond - "Golden Star" Live on France Inter "Le fou du roi" 02-27-07 - FM
upped by me (under the happysad screen name)

New Order 1981-05-07 Talbot Tabernacle
upped by sebbydee

Smashing Pumpkins - 1993-09-15 Manchester Academy, Manchester, UK (pre-FM, BBC Transcription Disc)
upped by JellyBelly

The Fall W.O.M.A.D. Festival 19 July 1985 DVD Audio Upgrade!!!
upped by jokejoke

(DVD) SUFJAN STEVENS & The Illinoisemakers 2005-7-21, Portland, OR (AUD/NTSC)
upped by loveishell7

Portishead - Paris, France 1995 FM
upped by dubwise1

Torn Curtain 02.28.2007 06:58 PM

Sonic Youth 3-21-89 Leeds England, Polytechnic NTSC DVD
upped by meepzor

Jeff Buckley - Tears from the stars
upped by fracas64

Torn Curtain 03.17.2007 06:47 AM

Lift To Experience - Festival Inrocks, La Cigale, Paris, France, November 10, 2001
upped by FarfyNoFi

Lift To Experience John Peel Sessions 2001-08-29
upped by BCBud

Josh Pearson (Lift To Experience)May 29, 2004, Mercury, Austin.Texas
upped by BCBud

greenlight 03.17.2007 04:13 PM

Sonic Youth 2000-06-10 Chicago

Ok, I know it's bit too late to announce it, coz probably most of you have it or allready had it.

I was listening to that show and there's Lightnin' performed live and it's fucking great. There's video of this show floating around as well. Hoping that it'll see daylight on dime sometimes.

atari 2600 03.17.2007 04:29 PM


This is the night before they tore up the Silverdome with Ron Asheton.

i haven't listened to the brussels 12/10/06 yet..the other new (to me) one...

There's some EN stuff that's new at dime.

greenlight 03.17.2007 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
I just completed the download of this one. It´s pretty fucking amazing!

It has to be one of the best NYC Ghosts and Flowers era bootlegs I´ve come across. Then again, I don´t have many Sonic Youth boots:(.

Yeah, good gig. Combination of the songs on the setlist is very pleasing, also performance and recording itself is good. Another one from that era would be one from the Cats Cradle, 5 august 2000, Carrboro, North Carolina, Usa. This one is "extraordinary" gig. Do you know this one? And also well known 09/05/99, Seattle, WA @ Seattle Center Arena (Bumbershoot Festival).

Torn Curtain 03.19.2007 06:57 AM

nick cave and the bad seeds PEEL SESSION 28 3 84 incomplete
upped by andtr666666

Michel Polnareff - 04.03.07 Paris
(if the new shows aren't spoilt by the virtuoso backing musicians)
upped by pandora18

MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND - 2007-02-25 - Grenoble (France), Le Ciel [AUD] - FIXED
upped by MachlaD
Great sound

Pavement RCKNDY, Seattle, WA 1997-02-20
upped byt tobydodds

Torn Curtain 03.20.2007 11:12 AM

Lift To Experience Black Sessions 2001-06-18
upped by BCBud

Torn Curtain 03.22.2007 03:43 PM

Lift To Experience 2001-11-11 Nantes & ULU, London 2001-03-12
upped by BCBud

R.E.M. - 1984-06-09 - Capitol Theater, Passaic, New Jersey
upped by natty714

R.E.M. - The Strand Cabaret, Marietta, Georgia - 1982-07-02 - EX AUD
upped by natty714

The Cure - Bournemouth Stateside Centre - 29th August 1979 **Unreleased Master**
upped by Duncanh

ARCADE FIRE - Paris, Olympia ; France 2007-03-20 (DAT Master)
upped by tourettes

SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES "Teil (NL) 1981-07-07" + "Warwick Univ. (GB) 1981-03-09" [Liberated "92 Degrees" BT]
upped by machiko

Torn Curtain 03.23.2007 01:02 PM

Arcade Fire - 2007-03-16 - Brixton Academy - AUD MASTER
upped by PABBY

Tom Waits - Post Aula, Bremen, Germany, April 26th 1977, great FM.
upped by 38f

MEAT PUPPETS San Diego 27.May.1983 --First gen AUDIENCE--
upped by longjam

New Order - Northampton Roadmenders Club 7th Feb 1981 inc. SoundCheck *Master**
upped by Duncanh

Torn Curtain 03.24.2007 03:22 PM

siouxsie and the banshees glasgow apollo 15/11/82 Fm
by myg831406

The Cure - Rio de Janiero, Brasil 1987-03-28 (TV) NTSC DVD
by WaxlyMolding

PJ Harvey - Live 1995-10-05 Macky Auditorium, University of Colorado, Boulder [Straight to Boulder] - upgrade
by edeledeledel

Arcade Fire - 19-03-2007 - Olympia Hall - Paris
by moimoi

The Decemberists - 2007-02-22, Paris, France; Maroquinerie
by XWayne

Siouxsie and the Banshees 1982.11.28 Hammersmith Palais London, UK
by deucecoupe

Rolling Stones - Milan - Palalido Palazzo Dello Sport April 8th 1967 -2nd show
by longbud

atari 2600 03.24.2007 03:37 PM

I've gotten the Tom Waits FM, thanks for pointing that one out with the announcement.
Wondering if by any chance you've been able to hear and check the sound quality on the Pavement or New Order audience-sourced ones.

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