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Screaming Skull 05.19.2020 01:09 PM

Rain on Tin (Acoustic Version)
For some reason I've never heard this version before...

Screaming Skull 05.19.2020 01:13 PM

And what do we have here?


greenlight 05.19.2020 01:58 PM

rehearsing for ya is cool. remeber watching it plenty of times.

I have a vague memory of acoustic ver. of Rain on Tin, but I can not remember when it came from.

Chris Lawrence 05.20.2020 12:35 AM

First one is likely this but could be this. I think I still have the Boston radio set somewhere.

There's also a full band acoustic "Rain on Tin" available on the Bridge Benefit compilation (I actually forget, is it on the DVD or just the CD?).

greenlight 05.20.2020 02:39 PM


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