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linedadelas 04.13.2020 04:23 AM

so i was just bumping In Utero in the whip, and this great little noise rock song came on, then i felt like i need more music that sounds like this, maybe even a full album. recommendations please?

_tunic_ 04.13.2020 04:53 AM

Watch this

I don't know that Nirvana song, but it reminded me of this British TV documentary series in which they formed a band out of a couple of young individuals that all are suffering from the Tourette's disease. Very moving, inspiring and funny all at the same time. Put five people with Tourette's in the same room and have a serious conversation CUNT! Not possible :)
Looks like the full series is on YT too.

_tunic_ 04.13.2020 05:06 AM

But after listening to that song:

try a band named RAGGENDE MANNE
Especially their first two or three albums

louder 04.13.2020 05:27 AM

Wow, looks familiar for some reason..

Like, I'm totally sure that it wasn't Genteel the obsessive troll. Bro if that's you, you're OLD AS FUCK, in your 50's at the very least, what are you doing?? Get a job or a hobby.

_tunic_ 04.13.2020 05:39 AM

It's probably not Genteel but a spambot. They copy old threads abd then later add stupid spam links to them

You should feel blessed that the Holy Spamlord decided to choose one of your threads!

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