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timtimtim 08.14.2006 05:39 PM

I'm in a little band called are they indigo(
I play the bass and sing. We're about to go on a hiatus though.

BRIZBOMB 08.23.2006 03:33 AM

Do you have a band?????
yes, thanks for asking. noticed some traffic from this board to my site so thought i should introduce myself. at age 14 i picked up BAD MOON RISING lp used in '85 and been a big fan ever since. now back to the question: band?

BRIZBOMB is one human and a rack. no keyboards, no sequencing, no samples, no computer or stringed instruments are ever used. all tracks are recorded live direct to CDR with no edits or overdubs. all noise and recording devices are done in one self contained 5`10" (1.7 meter) tall rack

live ambient experimental noise.

there is a free album download of the first BRIZBOMB CD titled 1005 (select tracks from october 2005) at my direct site.

hope ya dig it


lisayoung 08.26.2006 08:21 AM

my bandsite(we two chinese girls)
check it out and add us if you like our stuff

guitarpro 08.30.2006 03:33 PM

I play guitar in a punk band called Ass Lunch check us out.

matt g 08.30.2006 09:13 PM

likelyhood...slim to none... but anyone in colorado, come on by... i'll sneak you in
i'll be wearing a shirt that is the same as my avatar

scott v 08.30.2006 09:36 PM

i'm in several bands/groups but the most successful and satisfying (if imust say) is an avant indie band called Bare Flames (
which i play guitar in, we are from Buffalo, NY and been in existance for a little over a year...
we've opened for numerous bands some you know of (Wharton Tiers Ensemble, An Albatross, Parts and Labor, Creeping Nobodies, Six Organs of Admittance, Don Caballero... to name just a few) and some not... we've been known to cover songs like Blonde Redhead by DNA and Burning Spear by Sonic Youth and Red Krayola...

we will be playing these towns in September of '06:

Pittsburgh, PA
Cleveland, OH
Toledo, OH
Chicago, IL
along with a couple of shows in Buffalo

more details as to where and when on our myspace page
these shows are to help promote our 1st self release demo/ep's worth of material to the masses...

so if you are in and around these places check out our page and if you dig our music come out and say hello!


Everyneurotic 08.30.2006 09:37 PM

have i mentioned monosodic in here?

i need to upadte my signature.

k-krack 08.30.2006 09:46 PM

holy shit, ev'rynewrotik, monosodic is slaying my ass!!!!

*a little hard to hear from bad quality, but sick nonetheless.

king_buzzo 09.06.2006 07:03 AM


shentov 09.06.2006 07:11 AM


tshirt! 09.06.2006 03:43 PM

i'm in two projects right now
T-Shirt! T-Shirt! -
The Greenz and The Pastelz -

we do noise and structured songs in both.
i play guitar (jazzmaster) and vox

Tokolosh 09.14.2006 03:38 PM

I don't, but these guys do.
Sonic Youth cover done by 2 hispanic youtho's.
Quite a laugh.

Silver Rocket

Cardinal Rob 09.15.2006 04:10 PM

Makovice is our name. The most part of what of me is recorded is guitar. The band members are clearly oblivious to genres, or getting anywhere. I'm carrying them on definitely, but eh.

jimbrim 09.21.2006 05:06 AM

im in a band at the moment and weve been playing for almost a month and we cant think of a suitable name for the band. were fusing sounds of bands such as slint/mogwai/sonicyouth. i thought it would be cool to get some ideas from arty sonic youth fans! so any good names anybody?

finding nobody 09.25.2006 05:48 PM
Try this one out.

HaydenAsche 09.25.2006 11:46 PM

I've just joined one the other night. We are going to play herky jerky Erase Errata/Devo/whatever-esque music done to a sci-fi theme. We're going to sing songs about outer space and promote fake gigs in space and play real ones on earth as well. It's going to be alot of fun.

I'm also doing Aaron Weiss' vocals for the last part of Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste for a local band probably.

duosonic 09.26.2006 09:49 AM

Lower your IQ by visiting our myspace at:


atari 2600 09.28.2006 02:34 PM

if you can't see me ballin' then you need motherfuckin glasses

Mildred Pierce 09.28.2006 11:09 PM

Hello boys and girls,
check our new update we have a forum as well and I like to invite you all there

Jaerlost 09.28.2006 11:55 PM

Don't really know what we are, rock I guess. Decide for yourself.

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