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stu666 04.05.2014 09:59 AM


_tunic_ 04.05.2014 10:35 AM

the dead rats are brilliant, saw them a bunch of times as support for gy!be. Have fun!

EVOLghost 04.05.2014 10:39 AM

posted this in irrelevant thrad, but today is st vincent and noveller!

Severian 04.05.2014 05:42 PM

Catching the Melvins in June. No biggie, seen em tons, but it's been several years so I'm looking forward to it.

SonicBebs 04.05.2014 06:09 PM

British Sea Power on Thursday

Savage Clone 04.07.2014 04:38 PM


Opening for fuckin' GOBLIN in a few weeks. Could not be more excited.

Bytor Peltor 04.07.2014 04:58 PM

^^^ What a show - congrats on the opening act!

Speaking of, how far off is the new TP release?

......look who is coming to Houston :D

Savage Clone 04.07.2014 05:49 PM

Swans new incarnation is so incredible live. These last couple of years have blown my mind.

New TP in mixing right now! I will be uploading a 15 minute instrumental to the web within the week, though there are plenty of "songs" in the new batch as well.

EVOLghost 04.10.2014 11:02 AM

fuckin' right dood!

Torn Curtain 04.13.2014 09:00 AM


Originally Posted by EVOLghost
posted this in irrelevant thrad, but today is st vincent and noveller!

How was it ?

EVOLghost 04.13.2014 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by Torn Curtain
How was it ?

I think I posted about it somewhere else...but I forget. Anyways....we got there kind of late(my friend's friend was meetin' up with us) so I only got to listen to like 5 minutes of novellers was nice...but yeah pretty angry aboot that.

St Vincent. SHe was great. I'm only familiar with some of her material, but my friend insisted so I went. Yeah....her voice is amazing.....her recordings seriously don't do it justice. I was blown away by her voice. She's just a great performer, she had a little choreography for some of her songs and it made it fun, she shredded on her guitar, and just played some great fuckin' tunes. I really enjoyed myself.

hirsute_biped 04.13.2014 10:05 PM

Just got tix for Earth in two weeks. Only problem is they are opening for Deafheaven. Should be vice versa in my mind.

_tunic_ 04.14.2014 04:08 PM

this friday: 65daysofstatic with Thought Forms as support
in two weeks: Gruppo Di Pawlowski with The Ex as support and probably some collaborations too (Pawlowski is in dEUS, his Gruppo sounds more like Grinderman though)
and some maybe's in between like Lubomyr Melnyk and Public Service Broadcasting

in May: 2 x dEUS
and the next day: Cat Powerrrrrr
and also Lee Ranaldo

in June: probably Slint
maybe Man Or Astroman
Psych Lab Festival in my hometown including Disappears
and Mick Harvey playing Gainsbourg tunes

guest 04.14.2014 10:10 PM

contemplating heading down to tasmania to see sunn and earth with sin nanna's veil of darkness play at dark mofo although the cost is astronomical in this buttfuck country. that said the overall program is stacked: total control, htrk, lace curtain, marco fusinato, nun.... decisions, decisions

pony 04.16.2014 11:16 AM

just got tickets for melt-banana in april and dum dum girls (vorhees is support <3) in may

Pookie 04.20.2014 12:48 PM

Christian Marclay & Okkyung Lee at Café Oto 25th April

Alex Neilson/John Edwards/Thurston Moore Café Oto 23rd May

Genteel Death 04.21.2014 03:48 PM


SuchFriendsAreDangerous 04.22.2014 01:53 PM




fucking tonite!

I'm getting into character and getting piss drunk to better embrace the bruising

EVOLghost 04.23.2014 03:45 PM

gonna go see The Knife tonight!

halgreen 04.23.2014 11:51 PM

Going see Mogwai on Saturday, then Thou on Sunday and possibly Mogwai again after Thou.
Anyone on here going to the Austin Psych Fest next weekend?

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