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hat and bread 04.11.2009 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by pokkeherrie
Wow, that must've been tonight... can't say I'm not jealous. How was it?

Campbell Kneale (let's just call him that instead of that emo bandname he uses nowadays) and Kikuri are pretty much at the top of my want-to-see list... along with Suishou No Fune, but I'm sure that being in Japan you have a pretty good chance at seeing them live too.

You are quite right to feel jealous. It was incredible.

I don't think Tetragrammaton are really known outside of Tokyo, but they are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands.

Mr. Kneale was in top form. His set was one long voice generated drone with a bit of electronic percussion scattered here and there. By the end he looked exhausted and was gasping for air. He finished his set off with a nice curtsey and a bow.

Kikuri was great too. For the first hour or so Haino switched from guitar to theramin to wavedrum and back again, with Merzbow on laptop and a homemade guitar-like contraption. It was loud and strangley soothing. Haino did a bit of that angelic high pitched singing he does while Merzbow let out some bowel rattling tones from his laptop. Just when it looked like the whole thing was over Merzbow wips a pair of drums sticks out of his back pocket and takes a seat at the drum kit Tetragrammaton had been using. I had heard Merzbow was originally a drummer, but holy shit!, he can really play. Merzbow did some free jazz like drum acrobatics while Haino fiddled with his effects pedals, and then WHAM!, Haino starts playing his guitar all Pathetique-era Fushitsusha like with Merzbow doing some almost black metal drum banging. That went on and on until about 5 minutes before my last train home. Somehow I managed to catch my train and made it home. A perfect evening!

re: Suisho no Fune
I saw them play in Tokyo a few months back and only about 7 people showed up. I saw them in Austin Texas about two years ago and nearly the whole town showed up. Strange. They're really under-appreciated on their home turf.

Sonic Youth 37 04.17.2009 12:03 PM

The Faint/Ladytron TONIGHT!

Kuwa_Slayne 04.20.2009 08:21 PM

I just got a call from a buddy of mine from Detroit and he informed me about an Oblivians reunion show June 27. That so happens to coincide with my trip back home. Stoked.

_slavo_ 04.21.2009 02:50 AM

Sonic Youth
No Neck Blues Band


blunderbuss 04.21.2009 02:57 AM

Have a great time, Slavo :)

_slavo_ 04.21.2009 03:05 AM


Originally Posted by blunderbuss
Have a great time, Slavo :)

Thanks, mate. It surely will be a lot of fun, considering I will hang out with greenlight. :)

blunderbuss 04.21.2009 03:09 AM


Originally Posted by _slavo_
Thanks, mate. It surely will be a lot of fun, considering I will hang out with greenlight. :)

I have to wait until December before I get the chance to do that.

_slavo_ 04.21.2009 03:10 AM


Originally Posted by blunderbuss
I have to wait until December before I get the chance to do that.

Nightmare before Christmas? I'd kill to go there.

blunderbuss 04.21.2009 03:12 AM

Well, I'm not stopping you - Just make sure that whoever you kill is someone who deserves it.

a-p a. niemi 04.22.2009 09:29 AM

Sonic Youth, may 27, Malmö
The Melvins, june 27, Helsinki

both for the first time!
probably lots of finnish bands before and after

_slavo_ 04.23.2009 07:35 AM


Originally Posted by _slavo_
Nightmare before Christmas? I'd kill to go there.

actually, blunderbuss, now that we've talked the whole thing through with greenlight, I'm starting to become really keen on that idea. I'll check out airline ticket prices and will probably go there to see you guys.

blunderbuss 04.23.2009 07:38 AM

Oh my God, he's murdered greenlight.

_slavo_ 04.23.2009 08:08 AM


Originally Posted by blunderbuss
Oh my God, he's murdered greenlight.

the fine art of british humour :D

Rob Instigator 04.23.2009 08:57 AM

_slavo_ 04.25.2009 08:30 AM

Black Dice are playing in my town tomorrow. Are they worth seeing live these days?

ScreamingSchool 04.26.2009 07:51 AM

New York Dolls! April 9 in St. Pete FL. There's only two of 'em left but that's close enough for me. The new guitarist ain't no Johnny Thunders but on the real he's actually pretty damn good.

Sonic Youth 37 04.26.2009 12:40 PM

Dinosaur Jr. -Tonight!
Peelander-Z-later this week
(possibly) Magik Markers - next month (They're playing 2 minutes from where I am, but I'm away that week)
(possibly) Meat Puppets

deflinus 04.26.2009 12:53 PM

no fun. thats it. im broke

maybe lollapalooza. which reminds me, if anyone else is going - me and my friends don't want to spend money on hotels so if anyone's nice enough to let us crash at their place, that'd be great

Kuwa_Slayne 05.04.2009 10:15 PM

June 13 in Denver - Built to Spill, A Place to Bury Strangers, and..The Fluid!?

StevOK 05.05.2009 09:33 AM

Got tickets to see SY on July 15!

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