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davenotdead 03.06.2009 04:41 PM

Vivian Girls/Ariel Pink

Black Dice/Animal Collective

uhler 03.06.2009 07:34 PM

zola jesus twice in 3 days in july.

atsonicpark 03.06.2009 07:51 PM

neil hamburger next friday. ... I guess that counts.

vulva 03.08.2009 02:25 AM

I just got back from seeing AIDS Wolf and The U.S. Girls. It was a really special night :3

Katy 03.08.2009 03:30 AM

PJ Harvey & John Parish
Jonathan Richman (if I can find a ticket.................)

everything else "gig"-wise in March/April is mostly dance and theatre stuff.

blunderbuss 04.04.2009 02:06 PM

Teenage Jesus
Juana Molina
Supersonic festival

Sonic Youth 37 04.04.2009 07:07 PM

Vivians Girls was cancelled, didn't go to HEALTH

up for April:
Dan Deacon
Against Me!
Dinosaur Jr.

wellcharge 04.04.2009 07:28 PM

i'm seeing the klezmatics, tonight. i got really close seats, i just hope the side i'm on happens to be the same as frank london, i also hope he finds the time for a 2 hour solo

SuperCreep 04.04.2009 07:29 PM

Keiji Haino/Tony Conrad (Apr. 26)
The Damned (May 13) (maybe)
Comus (May 23) (maybe)

hat and bread 04.07.2009 07:56 AM

I'm pumped, as they say, about this one! Friday!


Our Love Will Destroy the World Japan Tour
Our Love Will Destroy Japan @ SDLX!

2009.04.10 (Fri) @ Super-Deluxe, Nishi-Azabu
Open 19:30 / Charge 3000 yen (adv) 3500 yen (door) + drink order
Visuals: Onnacodomo / DJ: L?K?O


Our Love Will Destroy the World (ex- Birchville Cat Motel)
aka Campbell Kneale (New Zealand)

Kikuri (Keiji Haino x Masami Akita)


Keiji Haino :
Masami Akita (aka Merzbow) :

Tetragrammaton (TOMO + Cal Lyall + Nobunaga Ken)


Tetragrammaton :

Muddy World


Muddy World:

Onnacodomo (Visuals):

phoenix 04.07.2009 08:51 AM

There isnt much touring this month that I have interest in. I meant to catch evan dando the other day but didn't get around to booking a ticket and barely would have made it to a 3.30 pm show anyway.. :(

So. local bands. Cheap and probably nasty. Will probably try and see children collide as I've not heard them live since 06..

tesla69 04.07.2009 09:22 AM

I'd like to see Bardo Pond Friday in Philly but I'll see this Sat here in NYC at Brecht Forum, some William Parker gigs at The Stone this week.

[edit] ah crap, just got word they're redoing the floors and this gig is off now, so maybe its Dr Eugene Chadbourne at the Cake Shop.
Saturday,April 11th
Matt Lavelle/Sabir Mateen/Daniel Carter/Ras/Rashid Bakr(Charles Downs)/Francois Grillot
Triptonic Trio
with Dave Ross/Albey Balgochian/Andre Martinez
People's Revolutionary Party
with James Keepnews/Mike Golub/Welf Dorr/Tom Chess/Daniel Carter/Nick Gianni/Matt Lavelle/Ras/Ted MacEvoy on Bass in spirit!

atsonicpark 04.07.2009 10:11 AM

Like whoa, you better listen 2me or i will kill you legally, typical, my beliefs over shadow all others cuz my doctor set me up with Xanax, alright master sperm man raider. i am glad that your are the god with the most weed, so, keep on ripping on the reefer. Last time i heard there were many different religions in the world cuz you know it all with the magic rolling paper. good luck with all of your endeavors golly gee me god gots the best pots pop, anyways mushroom mannequin, Hail Satan.

Kuwa_Slayne 04.09.2009 08:47 PM

I'm looking forward to seeing My Bloody Valentine in a couple of weeks. I can remember passing on a show in Detroit back in the day because I had to work and I thought to myself, "I'll catch them next time they come around." If I had only known.

StevOK 04.09.2009 08:49 PM

Going to see Morrissey tomorrow!

pokkeherrie 04.10.2009 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by hat and bread
I'm pumped, as they say, about this one! Friday!

Wow, that must've been tonight... can't say I'm not jealous. How was it?

Campbell Kneale (let's just call him that instead of that emo bandname he uses nowadays) and Kikuri are pretty much at the top of my want-to-see list... along with Suishou No Fune, but I'm sure that being in Japan you have a pretty good chance at seeing them live too.

deflinus 04.10.2009 01:17 PM

no fun fest. still looking for someone to take. such a hard task

noisereductions 04.10.2009 01:20 PM


exploding plastic candle 04.10.2009 02:37 PM

David Byrne

And this isn't a gig, but still worth mentioning, tonight I'm going to Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular. Fuck yeah

mikec 04.11.2009 09:45 AM

Vivian Girls
The Damned

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