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_slavo_ 10.10.2008 04:39 AM

Bon Jovi - You give love a bad name
right now on the radio

Pookie 10.10.2008 06:13 AM


al shabbray 10.10.2008 07:05 AM

subtle - for heroes: for fools

greedrex 10.10.2008 07:35 AM


gmku 10.10.2008 08:16 AM

Oh, the obscurity, the obscurity!

MistyDawn 10.10.2008 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by gmku
Oh, the obscurity, the obscurity!

Leave it to SY fans to find some of the most obscure stuff out there!

Here are a couple of my favorites at the moment:

Mass Solo Revolt

Western Civ

Salt To Bitters

EVOLghost 10.10.2008 09:53 AM

Blonde Redhead and Fugazi.

pantophobia 10.10.2008 09:59 AM

Olivia Tremor Control - Dusk at Cubist Castle

batreleaser 10.10.2008 10:22 AM

watching twin peaks series finale

MistyDawn 10.10.2008 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by EVOLghost
Blonde Redhead and Fugazi.

Fugazi is always a favorite of mine!

Long division....Furniture....etc....

sonic sphere 10.10.2008 10:45 AM

body count-born dead

[Sandbag] 10.10.2008 01:29 PM

the sprawl..
for some reason, its been stuck in my head all day.
the outro...i wish it was 20 minutes long

jimbrim 10.10.2008 01:29 PM

Oxbow - Fuckfest

al shabbray 10.10.2008 01:42 PM


batreleaser 10.10.2008 01:46 PM

now: this heat-peel sessions

boredoms-osorezan no stooges kuyo
this heat-s/t
this heat-live 81-82
sic alps-U.S. ez
this heat-deceit
this heat-health and efficiency ep
this heat-repeat
thee headcoats-beach bums must die!
lots of king tubby tracks

Torn Curtain 10.10.2008 02:11 PM

Daydream Nation deluxe edition

_slavo_ 10.10.2008 02:14 PM

Disco Inferno - Last Dance EP

viewtiful_alan 10.10.2008 03:25 PM

Last Night I listened to this brilliance while I finisehd up some homework:

And now as I unwind from my day,

Florya 10.10.2008 04:06 PM

Nurse With Wound - Man With The Woman Face

diskaholic-anonymous 10.10.2008 06:57 PM

i still love this album...


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