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al shabbray 09.19.2008 08:15 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
hottt. I'm toying with tracking down the Outcesticides, but I wanna figure out HOW MUCH of the material is already on WITH THE LIGHTS OUT. I wont bother if there's too much repeat.

I am thinkin bout getting the with the lights oout box. is there still a limited edition?

noisereductions 09.19.2008 08:18 AM

Not sure. But I really like the box. I thik the discs are split up pretty well, and then the DVD is really random. Good, good stuff. The box seems to be pretty complete as far as b-sides/outtakes go. The only thing that pisses me off is that the studio version of "You Know Your Right" doesnt appear on the box or on SLIVER. Only a demo version The studio is only on that s/t greatest hits disc. Blah!

al shabbray 09.19.2008 08:20 AM

to push the greatest hits sale numbers and milk the rest of all nirvana fans, paying a price of a whole record for just one new track.

sonic sphere 09.19.2008 08:22 AM

dead meadow-old growth

greedrex 09.19.2008 08:31 AM


i'm curious to know if anyone here owns and likes this.
For those haven't ever herad of them, they Shellac meets Oxes meets early Don Cab.
yayz for me.

Cantankerous 09.19.2008 08:41 AM


al shabbray 09.19.2008 08:45 AM

your new sig is out of another nirvana track I love
soooo angry I love it

Cantankerous 09.19.2008 08:47 AM

that lyric pretty much describes how i feel about everything regarding my situation.

al shabbray 09.19.2008 08:50 AM

that lyric was the soundtrack of my "fuck you all and please leave me alone" - nirvana phase. especially that line nails perfectly that mood you are in when nobody understands, everybody speaks shit and you are just getting more and more angry about it while wishing for times of payback, at least for me

Cantankerous 09.19.2008 08:57 AM

i don't think i'm ever going to grow out of hating everyone.

al shabbray 09.19.2008 09:01 AM

and I dont think thats bad.
I can hate as much as I love, both from the bottom of my heart. both are honest feelings. dunno what should be wrong with that

Cantankerous 09.19.2008 09:01 AM

yeah. you're right.

Cantankerous 09.19.2008 09:26 AM

passions - i'm in love with a german film star

this song is so weird.

MellySingsDoom 09.19.2008 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by Cantankerous
passions - i'm in love with a german film star

this song is so weird.

That song was used a lot earlier this on the British TV series "Ashes To Ashes". I remember that from when it came out in the early 80's, and still have a real fondness for it now.

batreleaser 09.19.2008 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by Death & the Maiden
Mayhem - Live in Leipzig

thats my favorite mayhem album, i actually think its their essential.

Cantankerous 09.19.2008 11:41 AM

spinnerette - valium knights

lechaoscestmoi 09.19.2008 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by lechaoscestmoi


This Is Not Here 09.19.2008 01:38 PM


Sonic Youth 37 09.19.2008 01:51 PM


noisereductions 09.19.2008 01:58 PM

I have yet to "get" grime. What am I missing?

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