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Cantankerous 08.06.2008 03:40 PM

i haven't listened to this in a lonnnggggg time


acousticrock87 08.06.2008 03:47 PM

I'm listening to Sister for the same reason. In fact I haven't listened to SY at all for months.

HaydenAsche 08.06.2008 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by Sonic Youth 37

As well.

Rob Instigator 08.06.2008 04:43 PM


kill you without trying.....accuracy

batreleaser 08.06.2008 04:55 PM

right now: the new emeralds full length, the quaking mass. for people looking for noise music a little different that the same ol power electronics stuff, this is the band for you. the lo fi tape collecting noise is there, but matched by tangerine dream-esque psychedelic soundscapes. as beautiful as it is brutal.

also today:
tusco teror-forest of no relief
pussy galore-live: in the red
white noise-an electric storm
the rolling stones-at thier satanic magesties request

demonrail666 08.06.2008 05:55 PM


acousticrock87 08.06.2008 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by demonrail666

Very nice. That was pretty much the album of the year in my apartment this last year. It was to be heard at least twice a week.

Right now,


Derek 08.06.2008 06:03 PM

Blonde Redhead

Sonic Youth 37 08.06.2008 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by Derek
Blonde Redhead

They can be dreamy as well, depending on the release.

jimbrim 08.06.2008 07:16 PM


acousticrock87 08.06.2008 07:49 PM


Sonic Youth 37 08.06.2008 08:32 PM


batreleaser 08.06.2008 08:32 PM

miss high heel-the family's hot daughter

ive been totally obsessed with this record lately. its such a brutal fucking headfuck of a fucking record, fuck. tom smith and marlon magas trade off on processed vocal duties, smith also brings some wierd death metal samples to the table, weasel pounds out the blast beats befind the kit, wierd as bass clarinet by weasel and bill pisarri, mr o rourke on bass guitar, synthesizer, and cornet, azita youseffi on noise synthesizer, and helpful vocal improvisations/sounds by pisarri, nandor nevai, and odi mkhan. ive heard bad reviews of this, but im sure thats because people cant tolerate it. it might bring to mind something like naked city in that it is some of avant garde's most talented musicns coming together and creating a brutal extreme mish mash of genres together. there is one huge difference though, naked city is controlled chaos, these dudes made pure unrestrained chaos! this is one of the best documentations of chaos as sound ever. lvoe this record. tom smith is a genius. weasel is my hero. o'rourke is a genius. nandor is a madman. azita is the lydia of the 90s. i love the to live and shave in la camp.

Sonic Youth 37 08.06.2008 09:46 PM

I Love Being Trendy EP - Startled Calf

Sonic Youth 37 08.06.2008 10:00 PM


deflinus 08.06.2008 11:04 PM

the cure - join the dots b-sides compliation

the upstairs room is one of the most incrediblely awesome songs ive ever heard

Cantankerous 08.06.2008 11:07 PM


krastian 08.06.2008 11:20 PM


Originally Posted by Cantankerous


One of my favorite albums ever.......true story.

Dee rules.

gmku 08.06.2008 11:20 PM

I can't stand that one. I had to sell it.

Cantankerous 08.06.2008 11:22 PM


Originally Posted by krastian
One of my favorite albums ever.......true story.

Dee rules.

dee is awesome. and donita is fucking crazy.

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