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MellySingsDoom 06.05.2008 05:34 PM

dr666, re S Barratt^^That shoot is a story in itself...M Rock really liked Syd, but couldn't handle his moods...Duggie Fields used to live with him, didn't he? I strongly suspect that M Rock hipped Bowie onto the Velvets....

demonrail666 06.05.2008 05:36 PM

Yeah, I've never read the background on Bowie getting into the Velvets. I'm guessing it'd be Mick Rock or maybe even someone like Joe Boyd.

Everyneurotic 06.05.2008 05:38 PM

if i had $500 pesos to spare, i would so go see dave mustaine and the megadethelettes.

i'm so jealous you actually saw avril.


cantanks: i love many oasis songs, "champagne supernova" is not one of them.

MellySingsDoom 06.05.2008 05:39 PM

dr666 - Joe Boyd is a good call - it could have been both of them...I still love the Allan Jones story where he witnessed Reed beating up Bowie in London - a stone classic, man.

Cantankerous 06.05.2008 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by MellySingsDoom
Cantanky - Liam is do-able, for sure. Shame he's a confirmed hetero, dammt. Still, you''re in with a chance! ;)

i would fuck the brains out of that man

oh wait what brains?

well in any case. you get my drift.

MellySingsDoom 06.05.2008 05:54 PM

Oh yeah, I know! Anyroad, you heard any good sounds up in Manc since you've been there? If not, check out the local band Doves:

Cantankerous 06.05.2008 06:03 PM

nah i haven't gone out at night really but i'll make an effort to check them out for sure
only a couple more days here though and then it's london calling!!!!!!

Everyneurotic 06.05.2008 06:09 PM


Originally Posted by MellySingsDoom
Oh yeah, I know! Anyroad, you heard any good sounds up in Manc since you've been there? If not, check out the local band Doves:

"catch the sun, before it's gone, here it comes, up in smoke it goes..."

Cantankerous 06.05.2008 09:07 PM


after listening to this and in utero today i decided:
if i ever make an album, albini is recording it. period.

Everyneurotic 06.05.2008 09:14 PM

rid of me is pj's worst album.

listening to hildegard von bingen

Cantankerous 06.05.2008 09:16 PM

how dare you

dry is her worst album. rid of me is one of her best.

Everyneurotic 06.05.2008 10:16 PM

yeah, i'm not too keen on dry either.

rid of me is like: good song, dull, dull, dull, good song, dull, dull, good song, etc.

the good songs are great though ("rid of me", "highway 51 revisited", "50ft queenie", both versions of "man size", i'm missing one or two more).


me listens:


atsonicpark 06.05.2008 10:22 PM

Shit I've been listening to:
Thank You
Rich Woodson's Ellipsis [craziest band I've ever heard, period]
Dr. Nerve
Spiral Architect
Leo Kottke
two John Fahey tribute albums
Dick Rossimi
Large Mound
23 Skadoo
Alvarius B
Flat Earth Society
X-Legged Sally
Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses
Otome Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra plays "Out to Lunch"
Redneck Manifesto
Zazen Boys
Cecil Taylor
Icy Demons
Fishtank Ensemble
Kaoru Abe

and a bunch of shit I downloaded from mutantsounds.

Torn Curtain 06.06.2008 03:44 AM

Galaxie 500 - On fire

Torn Curtain 06.06.2008 04:35 AM

Jeff Buckley - 27 November, 1994, Valley Art Theater, Phoenix, Arizona AUD (from dime)

sarramkrop 06.06.2008 04:58 AM

Munch Munch
Nice Face
Sic Alps

demonrail666 06.06.2008 05:02 AM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop
Munch Munch
Nice Face
Sic Alps

You're making those names up. I'm convinced of it.

sarramkrop 06.06.2008 05:07 AM

I'm not, they are all exisiting bands.

sarramkrop 06.06.2008 05:10 AM

Munch Munch

Nice Face


Sic Alps

sarramkrop 06.06.2008 05:10 AM

Oh, and Nice Face are good! Very good.

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