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stu666 04.12.2008 08:20 AM


X.O.4 Cataracts LP

screamingskull 04.12.2008 09:15 AM



Torn Curtain 04.12.2008 11:21 AM

Tim Buckley - Peel sessions

stu666 04.12.2008 11:28 AM

Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Bootcamp: Moses - 1996-97 (the loft tapes vol.1)

Phlegmscope 04.12.2008 12:38 PM


Everyneurotic 04.12.2008 12:50 PM


Originally Posted by batreleaser
haha, my chemical romance, they are truly a guilty pleasure of mine! i remember how i used to say how bad they were, but whenever that song helena came on i could never find myself to turn it off! same thing with "carrry on" song. they remind me of a sped up queen.

queen the band, although their lead singer could certainly qualify as a queen on speed.

the first time i heard them was when i heard "helena" in ny on the radio (wsou, pirate radio) and found out who it was by and downloaded the album and thought it was great, i still think it is. i actually heard about them before but didn't bother with it. there's so many great sing along songs in three cheers...Glice is a fan of their first album.

the last one was a bit too much for me.

and yeah, they are kinda like queen meets afi or alkaline trio with a bit of smashing pumpkins thrown in there...i really don't see how they are an emo band, visually yeah but not the sound.


oh yeah, listening to:


seeing them today.

batreleaser 04.12.2008 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by screamingskull


do you actually have four record players to listen to it? that ablum pissed me the fuck off cause i didnt have the means to listen to it right.

batreleaser 04.12.2008 03:03 PM


oxbow-an evil heat, king of the jews, narcotic story
faust-the faust tapes
afrirampo-baka ga kita!!!


LittlePuppetBoy 04.12.2008 03:13 PM

Black Monk Time-the Monks

Torn Curtain 04.12.2008 04:06 PM

Radiohead - Scotch mist webcast

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 04.12.2008 04:23 PM

"Yared's Hymn, Mahelest Mika'el"

Sonic Youth 37 04.12.2008 04:28 PM

5 Song Alibi-Los Dregtones

Torn Curtain 04.12.2008 05:16 PM

Jane Birkin - Baby alone in Babylone

marleypumpkin 04.12.2008 05:26 PM

Recording of today's band practice.

fugazifan 04.12.2008 06:10 PM

saint vitus-born too late
its cool stuff. just hearing it for the first time, proto sludge.
great music but so far im not the biggest fan of his voice

Sonic Youth 37 04.12.2008 11:02 PM


Dead-Air 04.13.2008 12:34 AM

"Late Night Shopping" by David Sylvian, from Blemish, which I think is by far his best solo album.

Torn Curtain 04.13.2008 04:40 AM

Alain Bashung - Bleu pétrole

stu666 04.13.2008 04:58 AM

January 28, 1993
Berlin, Germany - Loft

(from dime)

screamingskull 04.13.2008 05:04 AM


Originally Posted by batreleaser
do you actually have four record players to listen to it? that ablum pissed me the fuck off cause i didnt have the means to listen to it right.

I have all 4 disks on one CD, someone gave it to me through here.

Do you want it? its weird and wonderful!

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