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Kuwa_Slayne 05.03.2009 09:58 AM

Mule - S/T

[Sandbag] 05.03.2009 10:31 AM


batreleaser 05.03.2009 11:25 AM

infinity windoe-artificial midnight

Savage Clone 05.03.2009 12:02 PM

Dungen - Tio Bitar

I bought this when it came out and only listened to it once or twice. Just pulled it out again. There are some great tunes on here and some pretty searing acid lead guitar. I'm not entirely sold on the more "sunshiney" aspects all the time, but even those songs are great when I'm in the mood. I know a lot of people who view Dungen as some kind of cheesy/hammy prog psych, but I think these people are pretty talented. Haven't heard anything after this album yet....


EvdWee 05.03.2009 12:36 PM


stu666 05.03.2009 12:49 PM


Dead-Air 05.03.2009 01:08 PM

At the moment, "One of These Things First" by Nick Drake

Kuwa_Slayne 05.03.2009 01:28 PM

Red Wings Hockey on the am.

_slavo_ 05.03.2009 01:39 PM


Torn Curtain 05.03.2009 02:13 PM

The Only Ones - S/T on deezer

sonic sphere 05.03.2009 02:54 PM

helloween-keeper of the seven keys, part 2

marleypumpkin 05.03.2009 03:18 PM



batreleaser 05.03.2009 03:24 PM

thank you-terrible twos

leah peah-peah pop casette
mi ami-watersports
mi ami-african rhythms 12" (i still dig this more tan watersports, the first time iheard it after much skepticism it had much of the same effect as te first time i heard boredoms, something that reminded me of music that i had already loved while still opening the door to numerous new possibilities, one of the most diverse sounds ive ever heard)
alan vega-jukebox babe

TheDom 05.03.2009 03:26 PM

the kink kontroversey

sonic sphere 05.03.2009 03:29 PM

husker du-land speed record

noisereductions 05.03.2009 08:19 PM

Descendents - Milo Goes To College

Dead-Air 05.03.2009 09:09 PM

Led Zeppelin I

atsonicpark 05.03.2009 09:12 PM

gabby la la - be careful what you wish for

This is amazing.

marleypumpkin 05.03.2009 10:57 PM

Bob Dylan - Another Side of (vinyl)

Dr. Eugene Felikson 05.04.2009 12:34 AM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 05.04.2009 01:12 AM


sonic sphere 05.04.2009 05:06 AM

ice cube-lethal injection

noisereductions 05.04.2009 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by marleypumpkin
Bob Dylan - Another Side of (vinyl)

I woke up with "all I really want to doooooooooooooooooooo" in my head this morning.

Derek 05.04.2009 07:15 AM


atsonicpark 05.04.2009 07:25 AM

philemon arthur & the dung - musikens historia del 1 och 2

Untuned shitty sounding guitars, banging on pots and pans, but still really musical. Great shit.

skip spence - oar

Brilliant insane psych-folk from 1969.

noisereductions 05.04.2009 07:45 AM


NWRA 05.04.2009 07:54 AM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere
ice cube-lethal injection

I've always thought that's an underrated album. I prefer it and The Predator to the two which preceeded them.

The Earl Of Slander 05.04.2009 07:55 AM

Boris - Flood

sonic sphere 05.04.2009 08:07 AM

ice-t -7th deadly sin

noisereductions 05.04.2009 08:59 AM


Originally Posted by NWRA
I've always thought that's an underrated album. I prefer it and The Predator to the two which preceeded them.


StevOK 05.04.2009 09:17 AM




al shabbray 05.04.2009 11:06 AM


still one of my favourites and the best record cover Ive ever seen. fits the mood perfectly. ARGH love it!

batreleaser 05.04.2009 11:08 AM

death-for the whole world to see reissue lp


StevOK 05.04.2009 12:16 PM

Finally got around to listening to The Eternal. Just put on Sister.

pantophobia 05.04.2009 12:27 PM

freddie's dead on my ipod touch

Whlie jogging on the treadmill this very second

batreleaser 05.04.2009 12:35 PM

i loooove curtis mayfield.


teeth mountain-s/t
velvets-original recording acetate (literally the velvet underground and nico sonds prior to warhol or nico, totally awesome and indispensable for velvets fans)

batreleaser 05.04.2009 12:40 PM

the velvets acetate is addictive, totally shit recording, but the songs sound fucking great. nico was in the band though, my bad. noise pop and no wave before those terms were apart of anyone's vocab.

batreleaser 05.04.2009 12:41 PM

the version of "im waiting for the man" is even more sinister and primitive than the original.

Rob Instigator 05.04.2009 01:34 PM


"you play sick and I'll attend"


"someday, we'll look back and laugh"


"fuck em, just to see the look on their face, I fuck em just to see the look on their face."

StevOK 05.04.2009 01:38 PM


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