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batreleaser 04.10.2009 05:14 PM

now Yximalloo "Unpop" for the millionth time of the week.

Derek 04.10.2009 05:30 PM

Wipers - Over The Edge

demonrail666 04.10.2009 05:42 PM


Derek 04.10.2009 06:23 PM

Black Flag - Slip It In

SuperCreep 04.10.2009 06:58 PM


terminal pharmacy 04.10.2009 08:38 PM


noisereductions 04.10.2009 08:53 PM

go to youtube and type "Indian Thriller"

terminal pharmacy 04.10.2009 10:34 PM


terminal pharmacy 04.10.2009 10:35 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
go to youtube and type "Indian Thriller"

that is genius

SuperCreep 04.10.2009 10:41 PM


Dead-Air 04.10.2009 10:43 PM

Either/Or happy, happy, happy...

me. 04.10.2009 11:00 PM


wellcharge 04.10.2009 11:20 PM

touch & nato-what i really wanna say(featuring cadence weapon)

terminal pharmacy 04.10.2009 11:27 PM


terminal pharmacy 04.11.2009 12:08 AM


wellcharge 04.11.2009 12:08 AM

demi lovato-get back

terminal pharmacy 04.11.2009 12:50 AM


wellcharge 04.11.2009 01:06 AM

mystik journeymen-jambalaya

Death & the Maiden 04.11.2009 01:46 AM

Cathedral - The Serpent's Gold

ipo 04.11.2009 03:40 AM

sun dial-other way out

nicfit 04.11.2009 03:49 AM


the more I listen to it the more I like it.

Derek 04.11.2009 05:38 AM

The Fall - Slates

ithinkimissyou 04.11.2009 07:04 AM


Derek 04.11.2009 07:06 AM

The Fall - Perverted By Language

sonic sphere 04.11.2009 07:06 AM

lords of the underground-here come the lords

noisereductions 04.11.2009 09:02 AM


Originally Posted by terminal pharmacy

what is this???? is this new or something?

Derek 04.11.2009 09:04 AM

It was released in 2006.

greedrex 04.11.2009 09:06 AM


atsonicpark 04.11.2009 09:08 AM

that album rules, except for pink cellphone.

noisereductions 04.11.2009 09:32 AM

I didnt know they released anything after White Pony.

terminal pharmacy 04.11.2009 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
that album rules, except for pink cellphone.

i like pink cellphone... the mastering on the album is shithouse though, even less dynamic range than a qotsa album. good songs though...

noisereductions 04.11.2009 09:56 AM

Ryan Adams - 29

Dead-Air 04.11.2009 10:03 AM

High Fidelity Soundtrack (which I only listen to when life seems to mirror it).

Torn Curtain 04.11.2009 10:53 AM

Alain Bashung - 2004 06 XX, Studio Oui FM, Paris, France FM (from dime)

atsonicpark 04.11.2009 11:02 AM

the first 5 songs on sir richard bishop and his freak of araby ensemble

noisereductions 04.11.2009 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by Dead-Air
High Fidelity Soundtrack (which I only listen to when life seems to mirror it).

I thought that sndtrk shoulda been a boxset including every song played and mentioned.

stu666 04.11.2009 01:48 PM

Vampire Can't - Key Cutter


batreleaser 04.11.2009 03:17 PM

that vampire can't cd fucking rules, rylan's squelching electronics really mold with the skrawnk rawk of nace and corsano quite well. i like cant quite a bit, she has many divided opinions among the noise scene but i feel shes a real innovator in a scene full of imitators. her ad god willing should record together.

im listening to airway-live at lace right now. long live lafms. airway seems to have been both the skronk-jazz AND the harsh noise group out of the lafms. this is probably the harshest noise thing to happen right before incapacitants, hanatarash, merz, the haters, and hijokadan all started up.

before that was young marble giants-collosal youth. that album is fucking boring! i couldnt believe its considered classic! out of all th super unique and amazing sounds of the uk post punk scene this is too lame. they cant decide if they just want to do a really melodic sioxuie type thing, an electronic/dub noisy funk pop group thing, or a lo-fi bedroom psych-punk raincoats thing. and therefore dont have any of the energy and power that the aforementioned fantastic bands have.

wellcharge 04.11.2009 03:28 PM

the klezmatics-Klezmatic Fantasy: Der yidischer soldat in die Trentches

SYRFox 04.11.2009 03:40 PM




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