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Torn Curtain 12.04.2007 12:09 PM

Kaki King - Until we felt red

uhler 12.04.2007 12:11 PM

sonic youth- live in paris 4/19/06

sonic sphere 12.04.2007 12:56 PM

the brian jonestown massacre-give it back!

gmku 12.04.2007 05:40 PM


Savage Clone 12.04.2007 06:18 PM

Second Layer's "World Of Rubber" has been getting a lot of play around these parts of late.
It's a great winter album.

finding nobody 12.04.2007 06:20 PM


I like this album pretty good

whorefrost 12.04.2007 06:32 PM


gmku 12.04.2007 06:33 PM

Oh, come on, that is such a summer album, whorefrost!

LittlePuppetBoy 12.04.2007 10:26 PM

The Birthday Party-Prayers on Fire

Everyneurotic 12.04.2007 11:28 PM


make all the fun you like, feeling a little nostalgic.

vulva 12.05.2007 05:29 AM


gualbert 12.05.2007 08:54 AM

Flag of Democracy.Schneller.

✌➬ 12.05.2007 09:13 AM

Cat Power- You Are Free.

king_buzzo 12.05.2007 10:20 AM


or rather; watching this and listening. Just got it a week ago and its pretty cool and the sound is awesome, but they're posing to much because of the cameras!

screamingskull 12.05.2007 10:23 AM

Giant Drag - Slayer

Its about the 15th time i have listened to it today, about the 50th time i have listened to it this week, and about the 600th time i have ever listened to it.
It reminds me of my skinny/ill/red bull drinking phase last year.

sonic sphere 12.05.2007 11:10 AM

mc5-high time

screamingskull 12.05.2007 11:11 AM

kick out the jams motherfucker!

Torn Curtain 12.05.2007 12:58 PM

Radiohead - In rainbows disc 2

Phlegmscope 12.05.2007 01:37 PM

I'm listening to my birthday song:

22 going on 23

Savage Clone 12.05.2007 01:38 PM

I love that song!

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