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sonic sphere 11.15.2007 08:20 AM

can-unlimited edition

A Thousand Threads 11.15.2007 08:27 AM


when they still had it

jon boy 11.15.2007 09:01 AM

velvet underground - white light white heat

nicfit 11.15.2007 09:02 AM

SYR 1 , uuuh I love anagrama

MellySingsDoom 11.15.2007 09:51 AM

A compilation of stuff by The Specials. Skatastic.

sarramkrop 11.15.2007 11:48 AM

Angus Maclise - Astral Collapse
Vibracathedral Orchestra/ Jackie O' Motherfucker - Accent On Science

HairwayToSteven 11.15.2007 02:34 PM


sonicl 11.15.2007 03:56 PM

Silverfish - Organ Fan

king_buzzo 11.15.2007 03:58 PM

john fucking zorn.

gmku 11.15.2007 05:43 PM

Abbey Road

and before that, Pink by Boris

to distract me from my Radiohead phase.

Torn Curtain 11.15.2007 06:34 PM

Tim Buckley, songs from "Dream letter live in London 1968"

Savage Clone 11.15.2007 06:55 PM

1st Overhang Party album

Everyneurotic 11.15.2007 07:49 PM



realicide - lethal gabber smackdown tape (fucking owns!)

and now:

my split (as monosodic) with shearing pinx tape.

had until tonight to actually give it a listen, the pinx side is fantastic.

gmku 11.16.2007 01:09 AM

Boris - Pink

These dudes is heavy. I can't decide if this album is a spoof of itself or just a damned good record. In any case, the clear pink vinyl is pretty.

Cantankerous 11.16.2007 01:54 AM


oooh cherry coloured funk is so pretty

cryptowonderdruginvogue 11.16.2007 01:55 AM

The Kinks

Onani Nic 11.16.2007 02:43 AM


Awesome poppy/thrashy punk. If you like the Descendents check out the Hard-Ons 80's and early 90's output.

sarramkrop 11.16.2007 05:04 AM



sarramkrop 11.16.2007 06:43 AM


sonicl 11.16.2007 06:46 AM

Homogenizer - Faulty Driftline

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