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sonic sphere 01.27.2009 03:04 PM

spiritualized-ladies & gentlemen we are floating in space

stu666 01.27.2009 06:20 PM


viewtiful_alan 01.27.2009 06:39 PM


On vinyl
Lets cut the shit gnr fans and rock critics, this was bullshit..
It isn't even guns n' roses as it has none of the characteristics that made them awesome in the first place, the songs are all quite weak, Axl overdoes just about everything, and the whole thing just feels bloated and weighed down by the ordeal that was this album's history. Regardless of lack of similarity to the real GnR, the band is on fire on alot of the tracks (guitar in particular), keeping the album from being just total crap.

Sonic Youth 37 01.28.2009 01:02 AM


sonic sphere 01.28.2009 07:21 AM

swell maps-a trip to marineville

viewtiful_alan 01.28.2009 08:12 AM

Last Night:

(on vinyl)

sonic sphere 01.28.2009 09:05 AM

the warlocks-phoenix

Everyneurotic 01.28.2009 09:14 AM


Dead-Air 01.28.2009 10:29 AM

A little "Aint Nothin to Do" by the Dead Boys before heading to work...

sonic sphere 01.28.2009 11:24 AM

acid mothers gong-live in nagoya

stu666 01.28.2009 12:14 PM


EvdWee 01.28.2009 12:47 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 01.28.2009 01:50 PM



uhler 01.28.2009 02:22 PM

girls at our best!- pleasure

sonic sphere 01.28.2009 02:46 PM


uhler 01.28.2009 03:03 PM

television personalities- part time punks

Dr. Eugene Felikson 01.28.2009 03:10 PM


Am i just not in the mood for this one or does anyone agree that it's annoying as fuck?

joe11121 01.28.2009 03:18 PM


greedrex 01.28.2009 04:10 PM

i love human beatbox
i'm so impressed everytime.

Antagon 01.28.2009 04:52 PM

viewtiful_alan 01.28.2009 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere

Really? Not a fan myself, but hey, its nice to see someone else on here not be ashamed of listening to something that isn't a vinyl only mail order release limited to 2,303 copies (not that there's anything wrong with that either, just saying its rare to see such mainstream stuff)

vulva 01.28.2009 05:50 PM


stu666 01.28.2009 06:10 PM

Kites - Royal Paint with the Metallic Gardner from the United States Helped into an Open Field by Women and Children

Sonic Youth 37 01.28.2009 06:11 PM


EvdWee 01.28.2009 06:31 PM

nathan fake live @ ekko, utrecht, netherlands 2008

noisereductions 01.28.2009 07:06 PM


5/10, some good stuff. Worth a checkout.

noisereductions 01.28.2009 07:09 PM

and now


which I'm feeling. I skipped DIGI SNACKS, but I was really into the first AFRO SAMURAI album.

Everyneurotic 01.28.2009 08:17 PM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere

a change of pace would really do you good..she's leaving.
an empty case and you're bringing down the show, i'm leaving nooooooow.



fugazifan 01.29.2009 12:38 AM

beethoven-symphony #3 the eroica


sonic sphere 01.29.2009 06:25 AM

the beach boys-sunflower

phoenix 01.29.2009 06:28 AM


sonic sphere 01.29.2009 08:07 AM

can-rite time

greedrex 01.29.2009 08:20 AM

plaid - not for threes
it's crappy : first track and i'm already bored!!!

sonic sphere 01.29.2009 08:58 AM

the cramps-big beat from badsville

PAULYBEE2656 01.29.2009 09:49 AM


afterthefact 01.29.2009 10:40 AM


stu666 01.29.2009 10:57 AM


fugazifan 01.29.2009 11:48 AM

dead c-secret earth

Derek 01.29.2009 11:49 AM

Past few days I've been listening to:
maudlin of the Well - Leaving Your Body Map
The Fall - I am Kurious Oranj, Grotesque etc.
King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black
James Blackshaw - The Cloud of Unknowing
Cerberus Shoal - Mr Boy Dog
John Frusciante - The Empyrean
William Basinski - Melancholia

Everyneurotic 01.29.2009 12:02 PM


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