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Pablitzen 05.19.2006 11:25 AM

Kinski & Acid Mothers Temple - Split CD

Inhuman 05.19.2006 11:33 AM

Silver Jews - The Natural Bridge

Everyneurotic 05.19.2006 11:35 AM


Originally Posted by alyasa
Ghyyyyyyhg - I/c/o/c

i'm blushing.

listening to: derek and the ruins - tohjinbo

i'm going to do a yoshida tatsuya mixtape and also i'm getting pumped for tonight's show!! RUINS ALONE!!!

krastian 05.19.2006 01:55 PM


PunkerViolence 05.19.2006 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by marleypumpkin
Pink Floyd- "Meddle"

aahhh thats a great fuckin record. The only floyd i really love.

Black Flag - my war on SST

Hip Priest 05.19.2006 02:49 PM

The Duke Spirit.

marleypumpkin 05.19.2006 02:54 PM

Yes indeed, "Meddle" is one of the greats. I hate how this album always gets overlooked ny DSOTM, or "The Wall". It's rediculious.

Anyway, currently listening to "Dirty Boots EP"

marleypumpkin 05.19.2006 04:39 PM

Johannes Brahms- Concerto in A minor, Op. 102 for Violin & Violoncello

Trasher02 05.19.2006 05:29 PM

Some good old sonic tunes right now...

Iain 05.19.2006 05:37 PM

The Shadow Ring...the song Lifesavers from the Lighthouse LP. It's pretty much my favourite song at the moment.

acousticrock87 05.19.2006 05:41 PM

Dexter Gordon - Don't Explain

His Ballads CD is the most relaxing set of tunes on the planet.

EMMAh 05.20.2006 12:17 AM

Caring Is Creepy ~ The Shins

sonicl 05.20.2006 12:33 AM

Nova Mob - The Last Days of Pompeii. One of Grant Hart's many great, but largely underrated, post-Husker releases. Why did Bob Mould get all the praise while Grant Hart has been allowed to disappear under the radar?

alyasa 05.20.2006 12:37 AM

Jimmy Donely's Born To Be A Loser. tragicadelicabilly

EMMAh 05.20.2006 12:41 AM

No Woman, No Cry ~ Bob Marley

Shit, it's like 2. I need to go to bed ahha

marleypumpkin 05.20.2006 12:45 AM

Which version EMMAh? The live version, or the original fast tempo track off of "Natty Dread"?

Kallisti23chaos 05.20.2006 12:51 AM

no lie**

The Wailers Live.

Magublafix 05.20.2006 04:51 AM

No-Neck Blues Band - qvaris

Hip Priest 05.20.2006 11:06 AM

Leos Janacek's Sinfonietta

soapbars 05.20.2006 11:32 AM

human eye by human eye

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