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atsonicpark 10.02.2007 07:21 AM

oren ambarchi (grapes from the estate)
bastro (rode hard and put up wet)
black dice (load blown)
eight frozen modules (though process disorder)
fred frith (guitar solos)
lake of dracula (s/t)
mac donald duck eclair (short shot)
(((microwaves))) (professional systems overload)
nobukazu takemaru (scope)
persona 3 soundtrack
the residents (duck stab)
terry riley (rainbow in curved air)
rumah sakit (obscured by clowns)
thinking fellers union local 282 (rarities)
toshimaru nakemaru (no-input mixing board)
truman's water (singles collection)

Everyneurotic 10.02.2007 09:38 AM

was listening to bloodyminded - phases: two



PAULYBEE2656 10.02.2007 10:46 AM

lcd soundsystem- sound of silver....

...near perfection????????????? yes!

HaydenAsche 10.02.2007 10:48 AM

Knife Play

Everyneurotic 10.02.2007 10:50 AM


krastian 10.02.2007 10:51 AM


king_buzzo 10.02.2007 11:43 AM

some velvet morning when i'm straight..llalalalalalala

guess which version?

Torn Curtain 10.02.2007 01:58 PM

Françoise Hardy - Comment te dire adieu

Norma J 10.02.2007 08:55 PM


We're all tired of flying in 2nd class, baby. We're all tired of never navigating!

SynthethicalY 10.03.2007 12:30 AM


Originally Posted by gmku
Damn, guess who just won his first BIG freelance contract. Damn. I'm so excited, I have to go open a beer and figure out something really good to put on the turntable.

Maybe loaded.

Damn. After two months of doing nothing but marketing myself, it's starting to happen. I'm finally going to start making money at this gonzo freelance writer lifestyle, people!

That is great gmku hope everything goes all well.

jon boy 10.03.2007 09:17 AM

nuclear assault!

sonicl 10.03.2007 09:22 AM

This morning was Tom Carter. For the journey home, I haven't decided yet.

sonic sphere 10.03.2007 09:48 AM

sonic youth-silver sessions

alyasa 10.03.2007 10:01 AM

sarra's fucking excellent playlist from post your mixes...

zedius 10.03.2007 10:02 AM

New Thurston. It's alright.

Everyneurotic 10.03.2007 02:44 PM


k-krack 10.03.2007 02:48 PM

Neil Young - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

So far today, I've listened to Trees... thrice, and Black Sabbath's first s/t.

Everyneurotic 10.03.2007 02:53 PM

i've listened to ddn, junkyard and spacemen 3 at reading festival '89 bootleg today. now the mfs.

king_buzzo 10.03.2007 03:00 PM

ride's nowhere

gmku 10.03.2007 09:26 PM

Hoarmoaning EP (blue vinyl!)

"Sub Pop Sessions" (Nirvana) LP

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