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king_buzzo 09.26.2007 02:52 PM

big black-passing complexion

Hip Priest 09.26.2007 05:47 PM


Hip Priest 09.26.2007 05:50 PM


jon boy 09.27.2007 03:51 AM

the dead c

Torn Curtain 09.27.2007 05:11 AM

Mick Harvey - One man's treasure

gmku 09.27.2007 11:01 AM

"Aneurism" Come on over, do the twist. Ah ha. Over do it, have a fit.

Savage Clone 09.27.2007 02:51 PM

That Public Nuisance stuff porky referenced is fantastic.

Currently I am digging on Medium II/Cogito by Iancu Dumitrescu; an LP I haven't listened to in quite some time. I think it will be getting quite a few more rotations in the near future.

gmku 09.27.2007 03:30 PM

The boy next door is into bigger things, the boy next door is me...


Savage Clone 09.27.2007 03:37 PM

I prefer The Good Earth.

A Thousand Threads 09.27.2007 03:40 PM


gmku 09.27.2007 03:41 PM

I like The Good Earth, too, but I think it like it equally. Anyway, I still can't get over finding this in the store this morning for six bucks. It's in perfect shape, aside from that stupid cover sticker. I gave it a couple of thorough cleanings, and there is nary a crackle. The store owner could easily have priced this at 30 bucks or more.

Savage Clone 09.27.2007 03:48 PM

I was surprised when I found out that record goes for decent money now. I had always thought of it as a four bucker. Maybe since I got it for four bucks...

gmku 09.27.2007 03:56 PM

So any thoughts about why I got it so cheap? Seriously, it's about as perfect as a used record can be.

Savage Clone 09.27.2007 04:08 PM

Maybe that record store person also feels like it's not that rare or sought after because they remember when you could pick up a used copy on the cheap not so long ago. I know that I was surprised which LPs that formerly went for under 5 bucks suddenly went for 30 or 40 when I was working at the record store. Those surprises also went the other way; seeing formerly very pricey LPs going for 10 or 12 bucks.
So cyclical!

gmku 09.27.2007 04:30 PM

Yeah, it's weird. At the same time, he had a copy of Loaded in worse condition than this LP going for 20, and a VG- copy of Led Zep II for 10 bucks.

I think he let one get away.

king_buzzo 09.28.2007 01:58 AM

sy-the good & the bad

king_buzzo 09.28.2007 02:00 AM

Deaathhhhh Vallley Siiiixtyyyy Nineeeee

andrei 09.28.2007 02:32 AM

Matt ''MV'' Valentine w\ Alex Neilson, Erika ''EE'' Elder, Mosses Jigg - Untitled (2006). Awesome album. I have this for almost a year and, i think, it's the first time i really listened tot it. Great, great album!

jon boy 09.28.2007 03:56 AM

astral social club live.

sonicl 09.28.2007 04:01 AM

Foetus - Nail

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