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viewtiful_alan 12.17.2008 05:44 PM


Originally Posted by Florya
Ahhh. The soundtrack album is available all over the place. The record under discussion is a 12" single. Sorry for the confusion.

BTW - Overnite Sensation. Great album.

I love over-nite sensation but the lyrics on this one get old real fast... sex humor zappa is only fun for so long.

noisereductions 12.17.2008 05:52 PM

viewtiful, I can't keep up with yr FZ collection! haha

viewtiful_alan 12.17.2008 06:01 PM

? Haha I inherited alot of them from my grandpa. He isn't dead yet but he decided to give me about half of his zappa collection, he is in the process of dying..
but anyways not that important but yeah that's why its so big XD, but I have boght a fair number myself.

noisereductions 12.17.2008 06:22 PM

That's cool, man.

viewtiful_alan 12.17.2008 06:23 PM

Which ones do you have?

stu666 12.17.2008 06:43 PM

Barn Owl - From Our Mouths A Perpetual Light


viewtiful_alan 12.17.2008 07:23 PM


3/5 for some reason I remember enjoying this one mroe when I initially got it than I am now..

noisereductions 12.17.2008 08:16 PM


Originally Posted by viewtiful_alan
Which ones do you have?

Not that many:

Cheap Thrills
Imaginary Diseases
Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch
Son Of Cheep Thrills
The Weasel Acetate (bootleg)
We're Only In It For The Money

...I think that's it off the top of my head...

viewtiful_alan 12.17.2008 09:47 PM

Do yourself a favor and get freak out

Sonic Youth 37 12.17.2008 10:40 PM


laugh if you must...

deflinus 12.17.2008 10:48 PM


✌➬ 12.17.2008 10:50 PM

Soulwax- Nite Versions live at fabric and 120 other places.

Sonic Youth 37 12.17.2008 11:24 PM


stu666 12.18.2008 03:25 AM

The Skull Defekts - The Drone Drug

sonic sphere 12.18.2008 06:09 AM

the very best of dr. john

Florya 12.18.2008 06:30 AM


Florya 12.18.2008 06:49 AM


sonic sphere 12.18.2008 06:54 AM

megadeth-killing is my business.......and business is good!

noisereductions 12.18.2008 08:06 AM


Originally Posted by viewtiful_alan
Do yourself a favor and get freak out

I asked my wife to get me some FZ for xmas. But I didnt tell her which ones I wanted. That way I'm super-suprised.

noisereductions 12.18.2008 08:07 AM


Another collection of singles, bsides, remixes, etc in the vein of HIDDEN DARTS or WALLABEE CHAMP. Not bad, though. This one mainly focuses on edits/remixes/alt. versions of LP tracks. Plus it has a "Ghostface Christmas" track. For real. I think I like Ghost too much.

sonic sphere 12.18.2008 09:06 AM

the west coast pop art experimental band-vol. 3-a child's guide to good & evil

greedrex 12.18.2008 09:36 AM


stu666 12.18.2008 09:43 AM

^^^ what's this gr?

greedrex 12.18.2008 09:45 AM

AKRON/FAMILY (Young god recs)

i'm sure you own this but don't even remember.
if not, it's probably VERY up yr alley once more. go ahead.

stu666 12.18.2008 09:47 AM

haha, my short term memory is quite bad but i don't think i have this :D .

will look into it.

stu666 12.18.2008 10:04 AM

The Casket Sinkers - Baked Beans, Brains, and Spiders


greedrex 12.18.2008 10:17 AM


sonic sphere 12.18.2008 10:39 AM

black rebel motorcycle club-b.r.m.c.

Everyneurotic 12.18.2008 12:41 PM




(a bit ironic since i just mentioned i don't think syd was all that).

Dead-Air 12.18.2008 12:49 PM

Led Zeppelin I

My son is rocking out to it too. He shakes his whole body when he likes a particular piece of music.

atsonicpark 12.18.2008 12:54 PM

Sparta Locals

noisereductions 12.18.2008 12:59 PM

I'm listening to something that people on the SY board like so people will think I'm cool here because I mentioned it, especially in the "what are you listening to?" thread.

atsonicpark 12.18.2008 01:14 PM

Polish jazz does it again. The entanglements that build the line-up of this album are rather complicated. Apparently, it's Zdzisław Piernik that's the leader of the group and the tuba player. Apparently, he's conducting/leading/performing Piotr Zabrodzki's music. But, apparently, Piotr Zabrodzki is also in the group, playing piano, electric piano, doublebass, bass guitar and organ. There are a few other players around, with instruments ranging from vibraphone to violin. Anyway, the tuba is definitely the highlight here, as it is processed, digressed and distressed into sounds that some times evoke Prokofiev's mysticism, other times throw you into a melange of Krzysztof Komeda and Mikołaj Trzaska, suggest what Supersilent would sound like if they were actually good, or remind us of last year's excellent EAQuartett

Dead-Air 12.18.2008 01:17 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
I'm listening to something that people on the SY board like so people will think I'm cool here because I mentioned it, especially in the "what are you listening to?" thread.

And what's that? If you mentioned it you might even spark a discussion about music on a music board, and then you'd be even cooler. Or maybe you'd be a music geek, and not care...

atsonicpark 12.18.2008 01:22 PM

Stuff I've been listening to a lot, with download links!!:

yasauno tone - solo for wounded cd
fred frith - to sail, to sail
phantom orchard - orra
kaoru abe - last date
nhk - ununununium

narlus 12.18.2008 01:35 PM

Hawkwind - [1971] In Search of Space

sonic sphere 12.18.2008 02:11 PM

the delfonics-the definitive collection

Savage Clone 12.18.2008 06:42 PM

Bathory - The Black Mark (Brazilian bootleg)

stu666 12.18.2008 06:53 PM

The MV & EE Medicine Show - Moon Jook

Sonic Youth 37 12.18.2008 10:21 PM


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