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batreleaser 09.29.2008 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by uhler
killed by finnish hardcore comp.

i want that, give it to me!

birds of delay-gateway to feather

noisereductions 09.29.2008 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by jimbrim


batreleaser 09.29.2008 01:42 PM

well, im sick of experimental stuff now, all i listened to all weekend (noise, free jazz, electro accoustic, derek bailey, etc..), looks like its gonna be angry samoans for the rest of today.

pokkeherrie 09.29.2008 02:51 PM

Pyha - The Haunted House

Distorted ambient black metal not unlike how Burzum used to make it in the 90's. Supposedly made by a Korean 14-year-old kid(!) back in 2001. I'm really not sure whether to believe that, but it's pretty great regardless.

mp3 here:

SYRFox 09.29.2008 02:58 PM


Easily one of the best techno records released in the last years

Pookie 09.29.2008 03:01 PM


Originally Posted by SYRFox

Easily one of the best techno records released in the last years

Do you know something we don't?!

SYRFox 09.29.2008 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by Pookie
Do you know something we don't?!

Not yet.

atsonicpark 09.29.2008 03:24 PM


Derek 09.29.2008 03:29 PM

Melvins - Bullhead

atsonicpark 09.29.2008 03:59 PM


Everyneurotic 09.29.2008 05:22 PM


pantophobia 09.29.2008 05:31 PM

yo la tengo - electro-pura

greedrex 09.29.2008 05:31 PM


Originally Posted by pantophobia
yo la tengo - electro-pura


stu666 09.29.2008 05:42 PM

The Nels Cline Singers
Wed 2007-12-05
Safari Sam's
West Hollywood, CA

atsonicpark 09.29.2008 05:57 PM


Everyneurotic 09.29.2008 06:00 PM


jimbrim 09.29.2008 06:26 PM


uhler 09.29.2008 06:47 PM


will that record be my favorite of the year at the end of this year? i think so.

batreleaser 09.29.2008 11:59 PM

now; daydream nation (surprisingly its been a while, a few months at least, damn is it perfect, i love going back to if after a while, sonic youth just nailed thier sound so perfectly on that album, fully incorporating gorgeous and lush melodies but still maintaining thier dark occultish image and noisy dissonant guitar clash signature sound, but weve talked about that lord knows how mant times now?)

the terminals-touch
naked on the vague-the blood pressure sessions (this has been getting repeated spins, this is a guitars/synth noise punk band. in reality, thier music is like almost half, or 60 percent noise, but they still maintain song qualities, and they are still very much a punk band, just one of the noisiest and harshest around, so you know i love them)
the talk talk "heroin experiment" records (spirit of eden and laughing stock, i dont even wanna go into detail about my passion for those records, and i totally left em off my list of top 500 records ever, too)
the hospitals-ive been to the islands of jocks and jazz
the oh sees-the master's bedroom...
the band-s/t
gang wizard-live in paris cdr
the pope-do you wanna boogie? cdr
die kreuzen-cows and beers 7"
these are powers-terrfic seasons (wasnt this band supposed to be bad? or boring? or generic? or something. cuz i duno. a friend burned this for me and gave it to me, and what im hearing is some excellent psych punk with wierd asian girl vocals (always gona score brownie points with me for that). it might be generic, but certainly not bad, or boring. then again ill prolly never listen to it again, and definitley not more than a couple times. good for a spin).

punkaspoo 09.30.2008 06:03 AM


noisereductions 09.30.2008 07:15 AM


Originally Posted by pantophobia
yo la tengo - electro-pura

"Docora" is probably their best opening track ever. Aargh. So good!

PAULYBEE2656 09.30.2008 08:20 AM


Sonic Youth 37 09.30.2008 02:15 PM


EMMAh 09.30.2008 02:30 PM

Mary Mary - Chumbawamba

DeadDiscoDildo 09.30.2008 03:06 PM



Sonic Youth 37 09.30.2008 03:20 PM



EMMAh 09.30.2008 03:26 PM

This is the A.L.F. - Conflict

Pookie 09.30.2008 03:46 PM

Snakeye Sam - All Around My Twat

Florya 09.30.2008 04:03 PM

The American Dollar - A Memory Stream

batreleaser 09.30.2008 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic

ive been trying to tell people how amazing that album is for soooo long! can you confirm it for everybody? kevin martin is an innovator.

al shabbray 09.30.2008 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by floatingslowly
it's huge (like my penis)


Inhuman 09.30.2008 06:19 PM

As much as enjoying him previously, I recently discovered the genius in Tom Waits and have been listening to him a lot lately

EMMAh 09.30.2008 08:26 PM

All Mixed Up - Chumbawamba

[Sandbag] 09.30.2008 09:38 PM

thisquietarmy, jesu, bowie, mansun and at the drive in...

finding nobody 10.01.2008 12:37 AM


Originally Posted by Sonic Youth 37



me too.

atsonicpark 10.01.2008 12:47 AM


Death & the Maiden 10.01.2008 01:20 AM

Laughing Clowns - Cruel, But Fair

Florya 10.01.2008 01:46 AM

V/A = The Silent Ballet Vol. 9

sy2004 10.01.2008 01:51 AM

Dead Confederate

Lo Mueso

atsonicpark 10.01.2008 02:07 AM


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