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HairwayToSteven 05.22.2007 03:50 PM


jico. 05.22.2007 05:42 PM


träd, gräs och stenar - s/t

musicfallinglikesnow 05.22.2007 06:28 PM

Kill Bill Vol. 2 Soundtrack

Everyneurotic 05.23.2007 12:00 AM

placenta popeye s/t

sonic sphere 05.23.2007 07:42 AM

pavement-crooked rain crooked rain

HECKLER SPRAY 05.23.2007 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere
pavement-crooked rain crooked rain

Good choice, is it the reissue version?
My all the time favourite song is Gold Soundz.

Torn Curtain 05.23.2007 08:17 AM

The Sea and Cake - The biz

Everyneurotic 05.23.2007 09:56 AM


whorefrost 05.23.2007 10:02 AM

Merzbow / O'Rourke / Giffoni - Electric Dress

king_buzzo 05.23.2007 10:25 AM


Toxa 05.23.2007 12:05 PM


nomadicfollower 05.23.2007 03:36 PM

Les Georges Leningrad - Sangue Puro

My first listen to the album and band. I like it so far. The second song lacks in interesting vocals..

Iain 05.23.2007 03:50 PM

Amon Duul II - Carnival in Babylon. But I'm not really getting into it at this point for some reason so I may put something else on in a minute.

Norma J 05.23.2007 05:43 PM

Fugazi: Repeater + 3 songs.

I ordered a bunch of vinyl and compact discs from Dischord. Among that was only one 7" Fugazi EP but then I realised I already own the songs on this album (the one I'm listening to). That's ok though, still looking forward to getting it.:D

finding nobody 05.23.2007 05:45 PM


Danny Himself 05.23.2007 05:48 PM

Double Nickels On The Dime - The Minutemen

finding nobody 05.23.2007 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by Danny Himself
Double Nickels On The Dime - The Minutemen

Serious as a heart attack!
Have you seen We Jam Econo? If not, you should

Everyneurotic 05.23.2007 06:48 PM


musicfallinglikesnow 05.23.2007 10:06 PM

Bob Dylan's "Modern Times"..."Nettie Moore" is my favorite.

youthoftomorrow 05.24.2007 12:48 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic

excellent choice.

presently, Blonde Redhead - 23.

but i think i'm going to throw Daydream Nation in. actually, Sister.

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