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Danny Himself 05.13.2007 05:54 PM

'Everybody's Girl' - Dwarves

sarramkrop 05.13.2007 06:07 PM


Originally Posted by Bunbury
porkmarras do you have/have you heard Electrosonic? would you recommend it?

Check pms.

racehorse 05.13.2007 06:10 PM

delia derbyshire (electrosonic) is brilliant. i think i heard about her from this forum actually, probably from sarram (porkmarras).
anyway right now i'm listening to for sada jane - magik markers.

Danny Himself 05.13.2007 06:11 PM

'Straight Outta Compton' - NWA

sonicl 05.13.2007 06:13 PM

neubauten - alles was irgendwie nutzt

krastian 05.13.2007 11:58 PM


Everyneurotic 05.14.2007 12:47 AM


cheesy cover aside, one of the best and hardest albums ever.

youthoftomorrow 05.14.2007 02:12 AM

Sonic Nurse.

i haven't listened to this in over a year. i'd forgotten how much i love it.

"New Hampshire," "Paper Cup Exit," and "I Love You Golden Blue," make the best three song sequence in SY's whole catalogue.

sarramkrop 05.14.2007 02:20 AM


Originally Posted by krastian

You made me want to re-listen to Loved One off Heresie, which sounds like a song sang by a group of retards on a coach trip.

jon boy 05.14.2007 03:22 AM

chris corsano the young cricketer.

Iain 05.14.2007 06:35 AM

Jonboy, I was thinking about that Corsano disc the other day, you just reminded me of that so I put it on. I'd forgotten how ace it is...track 7 is so damn great.

sonic sphere 05.14.2007 07:39 AM

the velvet underground-s/t

sarramkrop 05.14.2007 07:43 AM

The one that goes doo da da do da da doo doo doo da da da

Not really, I'm listening to Steamboat Switzerland.

whorefrost 05.14.2007 07:58 AM

of late:

Melbourne Direct
Dirty deluxe disc 2
Made in USA
Sonic Youth EP reissue
Black Dice - Beaches and Canyons

screamingskull 05.14.2007 07:59 AM


Torn Curtain 05.14.2007 08:19 AM

U2 - The Joshua Tree

king_buzzo 05.14.2007 10:29 AM

Isn't Anything!

Hip Priest 05.14.2007 06:19 PM

Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia

screamingskull 05.14.2007 06:21 PM


Danny Himself 05.14.2007 06:27 PM

'Screaming At A Wall' - Minor Threat

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