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Hip Priest 03.22.2007 03:17 PM

The Sonic Youth 'Murray Street live' bootleg, because I just mentioned it somewhere else.

Torn Curtain 03.22.2007 03:35 PM

The Stooges - The weirdness (awful, I'm glad I downloaded it instead of buying it).

k-krack 03.22.2007 03:43 PM

gmku 03.22.2007 04:17 PM

Give me one good reason not to buy the mono Sundazed LP version of Blonde on Blonde that I saw today in the store for 30 bucks?

Iain 03.22.2007 07:30 PM

Because it's a Bob Dylan record.

Listening to John Fahey - The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death.

deathbyfeedback 03.22.2007 09:18 PM


drrrtyboots 03.22.2007 09:29 PM


soapbars 03.22.2007 09:34 PM

focus 1 by focus

k-krack 03.22.2007 09:35 PM

Love that band, drrrty. (...yr name is Nick, right...?!)

Today, I've listened to:
The Clash- London Calling (don't listen to this enough... great album!)
GY!BE- Yanqui U.X.O.
GYBE!- F# A# (infinity) (Yeh! for proper exclamation mark placement in relation to albums!!! WOOO!)
and a mixtape of the Fall from mr. Hip Sebastien! (Thanks, still!)

All in the span of writing ONE SINGLE GOD DAMN JOURNAL FOR ENGLISH. (serious, end to end all, no breaks)

And right now I just finished Hell Songs by Daughters. Bedtime, now.

Cantankerous 03.22.2007 09:38 PM

some velvet underground bootleg

i got my calamine lotion...

Pax Americana 03.23.2007 12:02 AM



jon boy 03.23.2007 05:21 AM

bardo pond, which is quite good at drowning out the noise of my office.

Pookie 03.23.2007 05:36 AM

I'm having a morning in the office, which has a mini disc player, so my choice is limited. Hence I'm listening to You're Living All Over Me.

sonicl 03.23.2007 05:42 AM


Originally Posted by jon boy
bardo pond, which is quite good at drowning out the noise of my office.

Not much help for getting any work done though, I suspect? I listened to Bardo Pond while making breakfast a couple of weeks ago. Before I knew it I was transported to another place and the toast was burned.

Torn Curtain 03.23.2007 06:53 AM

My Brightest Diamond - Tear it down

sarramkrop 03.23.2007 07:28 AM


gmku 03.23.2007 09:19 AM


Originally Posted by Cantankerous
some velvet underground bootleg

i got my calamine lotion...

baby do it again, well i got a foggy notion...

schizophrenicroom 03.23.2007 09:26 AM

ted leo and the pharmacists

gmku 03.23.2007 09:45 AM

My fog, my amphetamine, and my pearls: a rockandroll listener's diary

sarramkrop 03.23.2007 10:30 AM


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