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sonic sphere 03.20.2007 02:46 PM

johnny thunders-too much junkie business

sonic sphere 03.20.2007 02:58 PM

sonic youth-sonic nurse

SynthethicalY 03.20.2007 03:21 PM

Nine Inch Nails- Pretty Hate Machine.

Hip Priest 03.20.2007 04:45 PM

A Silver Mt Zion

Norma J 03.20.2007 11:35 PM

The Stones: Sticky Fingers.

Cantankerous 03.20.2007 11:37 PM


Originally Posted by Norma J
The Stones: Sticky Fingers.

the solo in can't you hear me knockin is like my favorite solo in rock. ever.


Norma J 03.20.2007 11:44 PM

I'm listening to Can't You Hear Me Knocking right now, funny enough, Cantankerous. Always reminds me of the scene in Blow. Such a great song.

Cantankerous 03.20.2007 11:45 PM

i have to go look for the box of records labeled "STONES" now.

krastian 03.21.2007 12:00 AM


Norma J 03.21.2007 12:04 AM

Such a charismatic man he was.

WHOREOHSCOPE 03.21.2007 12:08 AM

rain on tin

jon boy 03.21.2007 06:14 AM

bark haze eases the pain.

king_buzzo 03.21.2007 06:20 AM

MistyDawn 03.21.2007 08:53 AM

I've been listening to these guys (and Gals) from NYC called, "Man in Gray" if you haven't heard them you should check it out. The lead singer is hot! hot! Hot!!! musically and visually!!

MistyDawn 03.21.2007 08:54 AM

And of course I've been listening to my guys, "Western Civ" The new LP ROCKS, though I know I am biased!! Give it a listen and tell me what you think...

MistyDawn 03.21.2007 09:46 AM

Anyone have any suggestions about bands that I have never heard that I would LOVE??? I'm very open to music so please give me some deep indie links to check out!!

Torn Curtain 03.21.2007 09:56 AM

My Brightest Diamond - Live at Le ciel, Grenoble, 25-02-2007 (from dimeadozen)

MistyDawn 03.21.2007 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by Torn Curtain
My Brightest Diamond - Live at Le ciel, Grenoble, 25-02-2007 (from dimeadozen)

Can't seem to find it on a link?

MistyDawn 03.21.2007 10:05 AM

Found it...Very cool!! Lovely voice!

MistyDawn 03.21.2007 10:08 AM


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