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sonicl 03.08.2007 09:39 AM

Johnny Cash - American V

Everyneurotic 03.08.2007 11:08 AM

i also have an asva boot, don't know if it's the same krastian has.

Iain 03.08.2007 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by Nefeli
listened to some soft cicle before, wasnt all that bad, not sure. now some julie mittens is on and i still very much like them.

Which one were you listening to?

They have a new record out soon on Rococo records. I don't think it's out yet anyway...looking forward to that. Sounds a bit different from the sounds on the website. More mellow and droney

kat~topia 03.08.2007 05:02 PM

garbage~version 2.0 album

A Thousand Threads 03.08.2007 05:14 PM


finding nobody 03.08.2007 09:55 PM


Katy 03.08.2007 10:36 PM


Cantankerous 03.08.2007 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by gmku
Please elaborate.

moving. i kept some unpacked so i wouldn't get bored shitless. in the stock room of the record store where i used to work sits a gargantuan pile of CDs. got rid of that shit.

krastian 03.09.2007 01:59 AM


Damn, it's been a long time. What a great album.

sonic sphere 03.09.2007 06:14 AM

brian jonestown massacre-thank god for mental illness

RdTv 03.09.2007 06:47 AM


jon boy 03.09.2007 06:58 AM

wu tang clan - 36 chambers.

foxforce5 03.09.2007 07:08 AM

The Bambi Molesters. "13 from the Hip."

I'm also trying to kill a good damn stealthy fruit fly.

sonic sphere 03.09.2007 08:50 AM

slayer-seasons in the abyss

lungfish 03.09.2007 09:41 AM


sonic sphere 03.09.2007 09:42 AM


Norma J 03.09.2007 09:44 PM

The Brian Jonestown Massacre are getting abit of a play on this board lately. Good to see.

marleypumpkin 03.09.2007 11:23 PM

Stevie Wonder - "Talking Book"

Everyneurotic 03.09.2007 11:47 PM


Katy 03.10.2007 02:05 AM

the White album.

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