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screamingskull 02.13.2007 05:55 PM


marleypumpkin 02.13.2007 10:50 PM

Miles Davis - Live @ Carnegie Hall (1961)

k-krack 02.13.2007 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by screamingskull


Savage Clone 02.13.2007 11:45 PM


krastian 02.14.2007 01:14 AM


The new(est) Two Dollar Guitar

king_buzzo 02.14.2007 04:02 AM

i just listened to 'where you been' from dino, and i9m in school and not listening to anything right now.

jon boy 02.14.2007 04:40 AM

nurse with wound

James Blonde 02.14.2007 06:19 AM

Jackie-O Motherfucker "Wow!"

king_buzzo 02.14.2007 06:28 AM


Originally Posted by James Blonde
Jackie-O Motherfucker "Wow!"

this reminded me, i got one mag on an airport and the mother fucker from jackie o was crossed out. haha

Iain 02.14.2007 06:32 AM

Volcano the Bear - The Birth of Streisand

sonic sphere 02.14.2007 11:20 AM

slayer-reign in blood

sonic sphere 02.14.2007 11:47 AM

metallica-kill 'em all

krastian 02.15.2007 12:36 AM


youthoftomorrow 02.15.2007 12:43 AM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere
metallica-kill 'em all

i've been listening to "Creeping Death" on repeat for like an hour.

jon boy 02.15.2007 03:57 AM

sonic youth (nyc ghosts and flowers)even though i have easy lover by phil collins in my head.

davenotdead 02.15.2007 07:24 AM


Iain 02.15.2007 09:34 AM


Originally Posted by jon boy
sonic youth (nyc ghosts and flowers)even though i have easy lover by phil collins in my head.

Oh dear, now I have Easy Lover in my head...which has reminded me of that Uzi Lover sketch from The Day Today. I am listening to:


porkmarras 02.15.2007 09:43 AM


against_the_grain 02.15.2007 09:54 AM


I'm uploading a tune for my sweetie !

sonic sphere 02.15.2007 10:58 AM

ice cube-the predator

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