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TheDom 01.07.2007 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by Gimpy
Queen-Greatest Hits Vol.3.

shit, son. if you are going to listen to a Queen's Greatest Hits album listen to the first one.

The album that got me interested in rock music, and music in general.

Norma J 01.08.2007 12:38 AM

Motorhead: Overkill.

jon boy 01.08.2007 05:55 AM


marleypumpkin 01.08.2007 06:01 AM

John Fahey - "The Legend Of Blind Joe Death"

_slavo_ 01.08.2007 06:13 AM


Originally Posted by marleypumpkin
John Fahey - "The Legend Of Blind Joe Death"

Good call on this, Marleypumpkin!

nicfit 01.08.2007 06:25 AM

New Bloc Party's single ("the prayer", i think) is on tv now, theese guys must have listened to a lot of TVOTR lately....

whorefrost 01.08.2007 06:40 AM


sonic sphere 01.08.2007 06:58 AM

iggy pop-the idiot

Tokolosh 01.08.2007 07:42 AM

Rafael Toral - Engine 03_04_02

sonic sphere 01.08.2007 07:54 AM

ice cube-amerikkka's most wanted

Hip Priest 01.08.2007 12:07 PM


sonic sphere 01.08.2007 01:43 PM

johnny thunders-too much junkie business

EMMAh 01.08.2007 01:57 PM

We're Only Gonna Die ~ Bad Religion

sonic sphere 01.08.2007 02:30 PM

brian jonestown massacre-methadrone

Hip Priest 01.08.2007 02:36 PM


porkmarras 01.08.2007 04:40 PM


fugazifan 01.08.2007 04:44 PM


nomadicfollower 01.08.2007 05:28 PM


It has really grown on me since I first heard it. Great, great album.

Hip Priest 01.08.2007 05:32 PM


finding nobody 01.08.2007 05:33 PM

A mixed CD a freind made for me.
CocoRosie, DJ Shadow, Aphex Twin, Thome Yorke, Cocteau Twins are amoung the artists on it

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