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drrrtyboots 01.06.2007 12:28 AM

EITS - What Do You Go Home To?

Grete 01.06.2007 06:59 AM

Mogwai>>mogwai fear satan

sonic sphere 01.06.2007 07:29 AM

the west coast pop art experimental band-vol. 2

porkmarras 01.06.2007 08:37 AM


James Blonde 01.06.2007 09:15 AM

James Blonde had the pleasure to enjoy Johann Strauss music at cafe he was spending time.

porkmarras 01.06.2007 09:30 AM



They remind me a lot of Apparat Organ Quartet which is a good thing.

porkmarras 01.06.2007 10:02 AM


porkmarras 01.06.2007 10:54 AM

Psychic Ills-Early Violence

LittlePuppetBoy 01.06.2007 11:45 AM

Experimental Jet Set, Trash and no star

porkmarras 01.06.2007 02:44 PM


k-krack 01.06.2007 02:46 PM

Push Barman to Open Old Wounds- Belle & Sebastian

Grete 01.06.2007 04:30 PM

french tickler>Sy

Iain 01.06.2007 05:32 PM

Vodka Soap - Un Chand Pyramidelier.

It's one of the guys from The Skaters and it's really great...better than a lot of The Skaters records I think.

TheDom 01.06.2007 05:38 PM


Malachi_Constant 01.07.2007 12:10 AM

Queen- Death on Two Legs

marleypumpkin 01.07.2007 02:57 AM

Nirvana - "Nevermind"

schizophrenicroom 01.07.2007 03:02 AM

hey marley!

i have the album leaf's seal beach ep on.

marleypumpkin 01.07.2007 03:23 AM

Hey schizo! ^_^

I hope the parents aren't stressin' you out too bad.

Listening to:


schizophrenicroom 01.07.2007 03:29 AM

hah, they're doing fine. they've going light on me for a while now.

i have doolittle on, here comes your man, because it's just an awesome album.

Grete 01.07.2007 03:30 AM

kool thinggggg kool kool thing!

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