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TheDom 12.22.2006 05:35 PM

bob marley/the wailers - exodus

whorefrost 12.22.2006 05:55 PM

William S Burroughs - Dead City Radio

Iain 12.22.2006 08:08 PM

La Monte Young/Marian Zazeela - The Dream House.

k-krack 12.22.2006 10:49 PM

The Blood Brothers- Crimes
A friend bought it for me for x-mas! It's a lot better than people give it credit for.

finding nobody 12.22.2006 11:04 PM



k-krack 12.23.2006 01:00 AM

Frankie Sparo- My Red Scare

Kallisti23chaos 12.23.2006 01:09 AM

Bardo Pond "Ticket Crystals"
The Church "Jammed"

k-krack 12.23.2006 01:23 AM

The Doers- Whatcha Doin'?
To be followed by The Doers- The Plastic Bass EP and The Doers- Ready, Set... Do!

Inhuman 12.23.2006 01:26 AM


Originally Posted by k-krack
Frankie Sparo- My Red Scare

You must spread whipping cream on k-kracks belly before giving him reputation again

Frankie Sparo's great! Good pick. I wish I was listening to something right now, but my sound in linux is acting up.

RdTv 12.23.2006 04:52 AM

NNCK - Intonomancy

youthoftomorrow 12.23.2006 04:56 AM

as i was driving to get food:


as i ate the food:


and now that i'm done with the food:


my dad seems to be enjoying this more than i would've expected.

porkmarras 12.23.2006 05:16 AM


RdTv 12.23.2006 05:36 AM


Pookie 12.23.2006 05:38 AM

Mixtape I made for Bytor Peltor. (Promise I'll send it after Christmas.)

porkmarras 12.23.2006 05:43 AM

Martin Rev-Mari

RdTv 12.23.2006 06:00 AM


Пятхъдесят Шест 12.23.2006 09:18 AM


marleypumpkin 12.23.2006 09:25 AM

Pixies - "Come On Pilgrim"

RdTv 12.23.2006 10:50 AM


porkmarras 12.23.2006 12:09 PM


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