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marleypumpkin 12.21.2006 04:51 PM

Wolf Eyes - "Human Animal"

(thanks for the rep sonic sphere)

touch me i'm sick 12.21.2006 04:57 PM

godspeed you! black emperor

RdTv 12.21.2006 06:48 PM


Iain 12.21.2006 07:19 PM

Major Stars - Syntoptikon

Norma J 12.21.2006 07:25 PM


whorefrost 12.21.2006 07:28 PM

Today I listened to Sails by Lorren Connors and it really helped calm me down.

terminal pharmacy 12.21.2006 09:38 PM

murder ballads

Inhuman 12.21.2006 10:15 PM

Saetia - The poet you never

Don''t hesitate...for peace
A tranquil taking from the heart

finding nobody 12.21.2006 10:17 PM

PJ Harvey- Rid of Me
Polvo- Cor-Crane Secret

touch me i'm sick 12.21.2006 11:52 PM

rid of me is my favorite pj harvey album at the moment

Norma J 12.21.2006 11:57 PM

AC/DC: Let There Be Rock.

finding nobody 12.21.2006 11:59 PM


Originally Posted by touch me i'm sick
rid of me is my favorite pj harvey album at the moment

The best of hers I've heard. Fo sho


Norma J 12.22.2006 01:28 AM

Bluebottle Kiss' song Sailors Knot on their myspace. Why not the listneing to the album? 'Cause I'm heading out soon and I'm just sittin' back with a beer.

Just want to see you make the most of what you have, the valves in your heart and the chords in your throat. You're sleeping next to me, riding shotgun in this fog. I suggest you slow down - you can only reply to me in grunts...

Norma J 12.22.2006 01:35 AM

Well we're not too far from the boarders here, and we're famous for more than just football and beer, you know. I've got a story that'd water your well, 'cause I got a couple of tickets on myself to sell. Like, how you remind of this girl who I once met, or maybe it's just the way your body clings to that dress. She was tall just like you, and hey, just as young, with words fall of fire that had me struck dumb...

jon boy 12.22.2006 06:55 AM

fursaxa compilation

sonicl 12.22.2006 07:06 AM


porkmarras 12.22.2006 07:18 AM


Pookie 12.22.2006 07:56 AM

David Sylvian - Everything And Nothing

jon boy 12.22.2006 05:11 PM

ashtray navigations - heavy flow traffic or blind faith

nicfit 12.22.2006 05:31 PM


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