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krastian 12.18.2006 03:22 PM


Originally Posted by RdTv

Good one.

Tokolosh 12.18.2006 06:51 PM


Braintax - Syriana Style / Anti-Grey 12"
Quality Brit Hip Hop!

Savage Clone 12.18.2006 07:02 PM

Go ahead and make fun.
Helium voices and 70s hard rock can work well together, I swear.

drrrtyboots 12.18.2006 09:39 PM


against_the_grain 12.18.2006 09:45 PM

this one just ended


and about to play this one....


EMMAh 12.18.2006 10:05 PM

Religious Wars ~ Subhumans

k-krack 12.18.2006 10:12 PM

First it was
Blood Brothers- Burn, Piano Island, Burn
Then it was
Blood Brothers- Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck EP
And then it was
Blood Brothers- Young Machetes

And I'm all done for now.

krastian 12.19.2006 01:18 AM


Originally Posted by EMMAh
Religious Wars ~ Subhumans

They left you to DIE!!!

Sunburned Hand of teh Man-Jaybird's pretty tough to beat Featherweight.

HaydenAsche 12.19.2006 01:20 AM

Xiu Xiu - The Air Force

marleypumpkin 12.19.2006 01:36 AM

MELVINS - "Mangled Demos from 1983"

SynthethicalY 12.19.2006 02:00 AM

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks.

cuetzpalin 12.19.2006 02:46 AM

jeff buckley - eternal life

Norma J 12.19.2006 03:06 AM

Nine Black Alps: Everything Is.

Reminds me of an Australian band called Peabody.

porkmarras 12.19.2006 03:41 AM


marleypumpkin 12.19.2006 04:55 AM


Originally Posted by swa(y)
great stuff! very black flagsy.

i think its funny, comparing that album to their "real" first album...gluey porch treatments.

I know what ya' mean. It was strange to hear the transition between the demo stuff, & "Gluey Porch Treatment". & especially their more recnt stuff, like "Pigs Of The Roman Empire". & etc.

Listening to:

Big Youth - "Isaiah First Prophet Of Old"

marleypumpkin 12.19.2006 05:23 AM


Originally Posted by swa(y)
yeah dude, thats why i get so annoyed when people are like "they are too metal for me"...or go on to compare em to like metallica or some shit. they're all over the place man. super creative experimental shit.

have you heard collosus of destiny? if so, what did ya think?

I have heard "Collosus Of Destiny". & I quite enjoyed it. I've only heard it a few times now, but I've liked it everytime. & that has to be the most insulting thing you can say to a band, a comparison to Metallica, & in NO WAY does that apply to the MELVINS. I just recently acquired a single of them (Melvins) doing a The Sonics cover, so the fact that people get them mixed up w/ just metal is irritating.

Listening To:

Billie Holiday - "The Essential Billie Holiday"

jon boy 12.19.2006 06:19 AM


finding nobody 12.19.2006 12:32 PM


nomadicfollower 12.19.2006 12:33 PM


A Thousand Threads 12.19.2006 03:22 PM


very good record

i donīt like the first song on side b:
A Hitler speech with applauding football fans and a heavy guitar riff?
thatīs just too much for my taste.

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