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Iain 11.28.2006 10:54 AM

Trashmen - Bird Dance Beat.

sonic sphere 11.28.2006 11:41 AM

love-four sail

Signpost 11.28.2006 11:53 AM


Savage Clone 11.28.2006 11:57 AM

Gila- Night Works

king_buzzo 11.28.2006 12:04 PM


gmku 11.28.2006 12:05 PM

Gimme Shelter

The DVD, actually. But it has a great soundtrack, including some studio outtakes for Wild Horses and Brown Sugar.

My favorite part of the whole movie is when they're in the Muscle Shoals studio listening to playbacks of their recording session for Wild Horses. That scene sums up everything about what I love about the Stones, even though I can't really put my finger on what that is exactly. And maybe that's the way it should be. God, that's a great scene.

And then when they're taking off from Shoals in a helicopter, w/ Brown Sugar playing on the soundtrack, just before getting onboard, Keith hopping around bent over like a monkey. It's just too precious.

I must own this DVD.

DemonBox 11.28.2006 04:31 PM

Some Norwegian folk music. Vømmøl Spellemannslag and Nordnorsk Visegruppe.

Hip Priest 11.28.2006 06:02 PM

XTC's English Settlement:


Yacht Dance in particular is such a great tune.

finding nobody 11.28.2006 09:35 PM


EMMAh 11.28.2006 09:40 PM

Is This Love ~ Bob Marley

drrrtyboots 11.28.2006 10:05 PM


TheDom 11.28.2006 10:09 PM


k-krack 11.28.2006 10:37 PM

A very old mixed cd I made. Right now it's Season of the Shark by Yo La Tengo. (wow... amazing)

gmku 11.28.2006 10:51 PM

STNNNG - Dignified Sissy & Fake Fake

k-krack 11.28.2006 10:59 PM

The New- Interpol
Killing An Arab- The Cure
Church On White- Stephen Malkmus

krastian 11.29.2006 12:58 AM


jon boy 11.29.2006 05:33 AM

albert ayler and don cherry

RdTv 11.29.2006 08:02 AM


sonic sphere 11.29.2006 10:03 AM

tom waits-swordfishtrombones

HaydenAsche 11.29.2006 10:05 AM


Oh, Mr. Gallo...

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