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sonic sphere 11.23.2006 09:05 AM

ramones-leave home

Iain 11.23.2006 10:52 AM


finding nobody 11.23.2006 11:50 AM


marleypumpkin 11.23.2006 11:57 AM

Tenacious D - "The Pick Of Destiny"


Pookie 11.23.2006 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by marleypumpkin
Tenacious D - "The Pick Of Destiny"



marleypumpkin 11.23.2006 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by Pookie

Yes really. What's soo wrong w/ listening to Tenacious D?

finding nobody 11.23.2006 12:53 PM

I love the D. Cant wait to see the movie!

screamingskull 11.23.2006 12:55 PM


marleypumpkin 11.23.2006 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by finding nobody
I love the D. Cant wait to see the movie!

Oh, that reminds me. I need to check & see if anyone has uploaded the movie yet since it's opening yesterday. The movie does look quite hilarious if I must say so. But, nothing will EVER come close to "This Is SPINAL TAP".

Tomahawk - "Tomahawk"

sonic sphere 11.23.2006 02:09 PM

the sonics-dirty robber

Hip Priest 11.23.2006 02:11 PM


Originally Posted by Hip Priest

Again. It's such a wonderfully enjoyable LP.

pokkeherrie 11.23.2006 02:41 PM

eh, no... this weekend? what feature?
you can click on the post count to see who posted in a thread.

pokkeherrie 11.23.2006 03:13 PM

it's easier to just click on the post count!

right now i'm listening to a stream from the radio report of feyenoord vs. blackburn rovers... i can't really be bothered to turn the tv on.

porkmarras 11.23.2006 03:24 PM


porkmarras 11.23.2006 03:32 PM


4 were never spent better by marras.

Пятхъдесят Шест 11.23.2006 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by porkmarras

Good good good! Though I think the North African and West African ones are much better.

porkmarras 11.23.2006 05:22 PM

I'll keep that in mind.


porkmarras 11.24.2006 03:26 AM


jon boy 11.24.2006 04:51 AM

sunn o))) but only because of peer pressure.

Cantankerous 11.24.2006 04:57 AM


best EP ever

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