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choc e-Claire 03.13.2019 03:04 AM

Björk - Vulnicura

Bytor Peltor 03.13.2019 04:25 AM

Savage Republic

Severian 03.13.2019 07:34 AM


Originally Posted by choc e-Claire

“Up the stairs and to the landing, up the stairs into the ha-aaah-ah-aaawwwwlll.”


demonrail666 03.14.2019 08:36 AM


Swans - Young God EP

GravitySlips 03.14.2019 05:41 PM

Go-Betweens - Tallulah

The Soup Nazi 03.14.2019 07:25 PM


Originally Posted by choc e-Claire
Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade

The Extra Circus version of "Standing By The Sea" is even better than the one on Zen Arcade. Which, on paper, seems impossible, but give it a spin:

Antagon 03.15.2019 08:39 AM


Antagon 03.15.2019 09:44 AM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.15.2019 10:40 PM

Deftones are the greatest band ever. I don't even want to hear anyone else's opinion


choc e-Claire 03.15.2019 10:50 PM


greenlight 03.16.2019 07:40 AM

Morning Mix

greenlight 03.16.2019 07:52 AM


Bonnacons of Doom

greenlight 03.16.2019 08:00 AM

greenlight 03.16.2019 08:14 AM


Deathspell Omega

greenlight 03.16.2019 08:24 AM


Nick Cave - We no who u r

Bytor Peltor 03.16.2019 09:59 AM

And Flowers And Bees


Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.16.2019 11:52 AM


Best death metal album of the decade. Dead ass

ilduclo 03.16.2019 04:32 PM

great cover, didn't think much of the music, though. really tame, and pretty talentless. YMMV

greenlight 03.17.2019 09:20 AM

this track always gets me. dont let noise intro to discourage you

greenlight 03.17.2019 09:32 AM

amazing Costin Mierean / Pianos-Miroirs (1984)
Musique Climatique
The weather today, the 21st of February, 1979, in the year of Poly-Art, is extremely warm.
There is a possibility that the weather report, given on the fifteenth of February 1979, by the French National Bureau of Meteorology, is in fact the weather report for the twenty-first of February, 1979: Poly-Art.
The weather today is extremely warm. One hundred two degrees fahrenheit, with heavy humidity.

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