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Pookie 10.07.2006 05:58 PM

Listening to, and watching, Brazil.

porkmarras 10.07.2006 06:00 PM

A bit of Radio 4 and Resonancefm.

porkmarras 10.07.2006 06:17 PM


For the first time ever this LP only record sees the light of day on CD. The artwork has been taken directly from one of the remaining 500 vinyl copies left in Sweden to keep its DIY feel. The liner notes reveal the short but highly influential and extreme importance of P.F. Commando’s career. The album is 16 tracks of intense punk rock from 1979! Lyrics are half English and half Swedish and captures the massive energy and rawness of the record that won them fans all over the place.

porkmarras 10.07.2006 07:03 PM

Keith Rowe - [ N:Q ] Enregistrement Live / Rennes 20 May 2000

Glice 10.07.2006 07:09 PM

Mr Rowe, yes. He's a good 'un.

I'm listening to Cluster on Pandora radio. Ace.

Glice 10.07.2006 07:10 PM


Originally Posted by Hip Priest
Mark E Smith spoken word gig.

Is this a bootleg? What are the odds of being a darling and upping it for little old me?

porkmarras 10.07.2006 07:39 PM


Christian Death - Sex And Drugs And Jesus Christ

porkmarras 10.07.2006 08:04 PM

Ten years after releasing its self titled debut, this Norwegian trio, three
quarters of the electro-jazz-improv combo Supersilent, convened again to record another gem which is supposedly its farewell release. The members of Veslefrekk—St嬥 Storl? on analog synthesizers and piano, Arve Henriksen on trumpet and voice, and Jarle Vespestad on drums—met at the Trondheim Music Conservatory and were active as a trio since 1989. In 1997, in an unrehearsed and improvised concert at the Bergen Jazz Festival, this trio metamorphosed into a quartet, Supersilent, when producer and electronics wizard Helge Sten, aka Deathprod, joined the trio, playing on the so-called audio virus.

Since its inception Supersilent has gained a reputation as an improvising band that can draw references from Miles Davis' Bitches Brew era, trumpeter Jon Hassell or Brian Eno's ambient collages, King Crimson in its most daring excursions or current noise experiments—and construct from its myriad sound sources and influences mesmerizing epic symphonies. So far their four releases have defined the aesthetics of the Norwegian Rune Grammofon label.

In the last decade all three members of Veslefrekk have become active in some of the most noteworthy ensembles in Norwegian jazz. Storl? played with guitarist Terje Rypdal, drummer Audun Kleive's Generator X band and led the band Bol, collaborating lately with Food's drummer Thomas Str? Vespestad plays in pianist Tord Gustavsen's trio, with trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer and Stian Carstensen's Farmers Market and with jazz singer Silje Nergaard. Henriksen is by now a renowned solo artist, having played in the band Food and in the ensembles of sax player Trygve Seim and keyboardists Christian Wallumr?d Jon Balke.

On April of this year the original members of Veslefrekk convened again to record Valse Mysterioso , which leaves behind the electronic soundscapes of Supersilent as well as the anonymity and the mystery that surrounds all Supersilent releases. The release of this disc on reed player Karl Seglem's NORCD label was celebrated last September in a concert in which Veslefrekk transformed into Supersilent. The twelve compositions reveal a trio with a distinct acoustic sound that focuses around the sonorities of the instruments and brings together the eerie beauty of Storlokken's analog synths, sometimes sounding like another brass instrument that matches Henriksen breathy trumpet playing and Henriksen's falsetto vocals, with the minimalist drumming of Vespestad.
All twelve compositions lean towards the slow, simple and lyrical edge, creating an untimely atmosphere in the same manner as Supersilent, but on a much more modest scale with a bare minimum of instrumentation. Six compositions, including the meditative “Hermans dans” and the beautiful “Josefins vals,” are based quite loosely around dance forms. The disc opens with a synth-laden version of “Valse Mysterioso” that sets the tone for the trio sound and ends with an even more beautiful acoustic version of the same song. This moving chamber release is another testimony to the close affinity between these excellent musicians, as well the breadth of the current Norwegian jazz and improvised scene.
Visit Arve Henriksen and Supersilent on the web.

Track listing: Valse Mysterioso; Ballade; Dark fragments; Chaina waltz; Hermans dans; Seawaltz; Josephine vals; Perlemoskyer; Fin; Rolig (til Oliver); Jala; Valse Mysterioso Personnel: St嬥 Storl?- synthesizers, piano; Arve Henriksen- trumpet, voice; Jarle Vespestad- drums

Awesome band.

k-krack 10.07.2006 10:26 PM

An advertisement on the telvision for a play happening here, and the blip-blip-blip of the girl i like talking to me on MSN.

Cantankerous 10.07.2006 11:08 PM


k-krack 10.07.2006 11:15 PM

Veruca salt is for suckers. Only sea salt and table salt touches my fries.

Cantankerous 10.07.2006 11:16 PM

eww sea salt.

k-krack 10.07.2006 11:17 PM

i agree. but i just wanted to push my point further.

Cantankerous 10.07.2006 11:19 PM

you know once i put sugar on my fries accidentally instead of salt. icky.

k-krack 10.07.2006 11:20 PM

thats gross. did it get all...why the hell was i about to say "soupy"?! ummm... i have nothing to add right now.

sonic sphere 10.08.2006 10:26 AM

brian jonestown massacre- their satanic majesties 2nd request

finding nobody 10.08.2006 10:33 AM


Iain 10.08.2006 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by Cantankerous
you know once i put sugar on my fries accidentally instead of salt. icky.

Well, I put salt in my tea once, recently actually, which was probably worse.

static-harmony 10.08.2006 12:30 PM

A cd compilation of the Beach Boys.

Everyneurotic 10.08.2006 12:42 PM


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