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sonic sphere 09.27.2006 03:40 AM

johnny thunders - so alone

Katy 09.27.2006 05:00 AM

Awesome Color.

Seeing them tomorrow at a tiny tiny space. I think it's gonna be loud. Can't wait.

screamingskull 09.27.2006 08:09 AM

the latest un-reseased Elliott Smith songs to be put on the internet by his family.
>From a poison well
>Let's turn the record over
>Talking to Mary (Elliotts final version)
>True Love (Elliotts final version, this song BELONGS on 'from a basement on the hill' that album is incomplete without it)

sonic sphere 09.27.2006 08:31 AM

depeche mode- speak and spell

gmku 09.27.2006 08:34 AM


Hip Priest 09.27.2006 09:38 AM

^That's really good. I used to have a tape of that.

I'm listening to the news on the radio.

sonicl 09.27.2006 09:41 AM


Touch 25

BJ Nilsen - Gotland
Oren Ambarchi - Moving Violation
Fennesz - Tree

quick and cold
actual time of arrival

Chris Watson - Conversations
safety short
Chris Watson - Oujela Mine
Mother Tongue - Rewording
Peter Rehberg - TT 1205
Tanja Orning & Hild Sofie Tafjord - Live at Blå, Oslo
Pan Sonic - Slovakian Rauta
Jóhann Jóhannsson - Tu non mi perderai mai
Jacob Kirkegaard - Heavy Water [Bärseback]

solent rd
Ryoji Ikeda - Untitled #25
Rafael Toral - Glove Touch
Philip Jeck - Hindquarters

ATC graph
Bruce Gilbert - Sliding off the World
Mark Van Hoen - Put My Trust in You

Biosphere - Spring Fever
Rosy Parlane - Atlantis

I'm not keen on the Chris Watson stuff, but apart from that I'm loving it.

Incesticide 09.27.2006 09:45 AM

The Velvet Underground - Live At Max's Kansas City

HaydenAsche 09.27.2006 10:44 AM

Yellow Swans - Demos

DemonBox 09.27.2006 03:22 PM

Nirvana - School

Cantankerous 09.27.2006 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by Katy
Awesome Color.

Seeing them tomorrow at a tiny tiny space. I think it's gonna be loud. Can't wait.

i know someone who saw them and she said they were terrible.

Iain 09.27.2006 05:49 PM

Red Kites - Nawadaha

CHOUT 09.27.2006 06:07 PM

Ringing in my ears from playing loud guitar.

nomadicfollower 09.27.2006 06:08 PM

DJ Shadow - Entroducing

porkmarras 09.27.2006 06:10 PM

The black cat Tha black cat,curious and curious........

porkmarras 09.27.2006 06:11 PM

My album has a female singer on it.

porkmarras 09.27.2006 06:11 PM


Hip Priest 09.27.2006 06:31 PM

It's not the same as I'm listening to is it?

Ute Lemper - 'Berlin Caberet Songs'.

k-krack 09.27.2006 06:45 PM

some tape of noise i made a while ago. i dont remember making it though.

finding nobody 09.27.2006 09:49 PM




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