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umjammer atomsk 09.13.2006 08:37 PM


Norma J 09.13.2006 08:38 PM

As in the band from Kill Bill?

umjammer atomsk 09.13.2006 08:40 PM


Norma J 09.13.2006 08:43 PM

HAHA. Alright then.

I'm listening to:

If you actually know who them two guys are, you're alright with me.

krastian 09.14.2006 12:16 AM


static-harmony 09.14.2006 01:28 AM

You think you're a man- by the vaselines
Then Teenage Superstars- The Vaselines

DemonBox 09.14.2006 09:28 AM


The Thing - Live At Blå

gmku 09.14.2006 09:32 AM


New vinyl. Some strange German import but with the regular Amphetamine Reptile logo and all. Strange. Great LP, though!

gmku 09.14.2006 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by Kegmama
Cows. Cunning Stunts.

I had to ask the clerk, female, to look that one up for me the other day, for availability on vinyl and all that. Imagine how carefully I enunciated the title!

DemonBox 09.14.2006 09:36 AM


Originally Posted by gmku


Haha. Great album cover.

gmku 09.14.2006 09:44 AM

It's a bizarre album cover. Not sure about great. Certainly eye-catching. I didn't ask for a bag, and I walked through the streets of downtown with this tucked under my arm. I could have been arrested or something.

Fox 09.14.2006 09:48 AM


porkmarras 09.14.2006 09:49 AM

The Doors-The End

Tokolosh 09.14.2006 09:58 AM


Fox 09.14.2006 09:59 AM

What's that obsession about killing The Doors? I don't know them well but the little I heard was good :s

porkmarras 09.14.2006 10:00 AM

They're dead already.And they've always been dead...........inside.

Tokolosh 09.14.2006 10:22 AM


Originally Posted by Fox
What's that obsession about killing The Doors? I don't know them well but the little I heard was good :s

That wasn't aimed at the Doors. :cool:

gmku 09.14.2006 10:35 AM

Like all distinctly original artists, the Doors have had to endure their unfair share of criticism, misunderstanding, and downright hatred. It's to be expected.

gmku 09.14.2006 10:40 AM

This one's good, too.

It doesn't make me say "Fucking A!" like Sexy Pee History. It makes me say something more like, "Oh, wow, that's really cool."


gmku 09.14.2006 12:23 PM


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