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nomadicfollower 09.05.2006 10:02 PM

It's fine.
Somehow, someway I'm sure I'll hear it.
Thanks anyway.

Cantankerous 09.05.2006 10:03 PM

soulseek might have some.

Пятхъдесят Шест 09.05.2006 10:22 PM


Originally Posted by nomadicfollower
I have a few Teenage Jesus and the Jerks songs, enough to satisify me for now, but if there were any way for you to upload some 8 Eyed Spy...?

If you give me a day or so I'll upload it.

finding nobody 09.05.2006 10:40 PM


Originally Posted by Пятхъдесят Шест
If you give me a day or so I'll upload it.

That would be cool. I'm curious after reading about them in Confursion is Next

krastian 09.05.2006 11:45 PM


krastian 09.06.2006 01:49 AM


porkmarras 09.06.2006 01:50 AM


Originally Posted by krastian


Toilet & Bowels 09.06.2006 07:45 AM


sonicl 09.06.2006 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by krastian

And another Yay!

Vinyl or CD?

porkmarras 09.06.2006 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by krastian

Let's make it three:YAY!!

sonicl 09.06.2006 07:52 AM

Various Artists - Gold Leaf Branches


“‘Gold Leaf Branches’ is a massive collection. It is an undertaking that is years in the making, one that often looked as though it would never be completed. But after endless hours of emailing, calling, and generally harrassing the 59 artists presented here, ‘Gold Leaf Branches’ is complete. This is a compilation with two simple motives: to collect as much of the music I love from all over the globe in one place and to expose as many people as possible to numerous outstanding artists they might not have heard. ‘Gold Leaf Branches’ succeeds with flying colors. Of the 59 tracks here, all but one are exclusive to this release. Marissa Nadler's song also appears on her latest album, ‘The Saga Of Mayflower May’, while an alternate version of Six Organs Of Admittance's “Thousand Birds" appears on ‘Dark Noontide’.” - Brad Rose, Digitalis.

1. "thousand birds (live on air)" - six organs of admittance
2. "haava" - kuupuu
3. "first steps" - stuart busby
4. "fanfare" - hala strana
5. "epicenter crystals" - alligator crystal moth
6. "rune of the moon and endymion" - the gray field recordings
7. "wayke up" - maniacs dream
8. "insolación de soles aledaños" - courtis
9. "no ghosts" - james blackshaw
10. "beauty of decay" - robert horton
11. "you were on my side (guitar)" - annelies monseré
12. "kronosdilutze" - soarwhole
13. "just before" - keijo & the free players
14. "friday morning" - timothy, revelator
15. "blast beach" - pefkin
16. "untitled" - visitations
17. "duneuuic" - itdreamedtome
18. "corporelijck punieren" - silvester anfang
19. "ruination of the runaways" - elephant micah
20. "milkstone" - oxblood reincarnations
21. "hiljaa hiivin pois aurinkoon" - kulkija
22. "untitled" - snake oil

1. "as-yet-untitled" - hertta lussu ässä
2. "i dance because she likes it" - WOLFMANGLER
3. "voice box" - charalambides
4. "guiwenneth of the green wood" - the north sea
5. "missing peace" - brothers of the occult sisterhood
6. "soda jerk (sex with strangers)" - the weird weeds (the laudable pus)
7. "here i give thanks no. 1" - leighton craig & eugene carchesio
8. "the tidal draw" - rameses iii
9. "love style one" - snowfoxx
10. "song from a wasted orchard" - xenis emputae travelling band
11. "being here has caused me sorrow" - the magickal folk of the faraway tree
12. "amongst slow dust of 60 years" - claypipe
13. "fall city" - wax ghost
14. "grower's communion" - the golden oaks
15. "rice leaves" - m. jarvis & a. jarvis
16. "debris" - 6majik9
17. "metsä mansikka mehu lasi" - lamppukello
18. "jazz" - plat ypus
19. "lily, henry, & the willow trees" - marissa nadler

1. "possibilities" (live @ vpro) - drekka
2. "vines through the window" - anvil salute
3. "far away i have been" - hush arbors
4. "death dances" - the lost domain
5. "hidas kuula" - lau nau
6. "death dealer blues" - wood & wand (feat. the rose)
7. "sea lions" - friendly keys
8. "moving beyond" - keijo
9. "a mess of cedars" - the juniper meadows
10. "innumerable night" - agitated radio pilot
11. "sky love this day" - terracid
12. "we will not whisper" - dead raven choir
13. "saunankatolla 2004" - master qsh
14. "unborn child" (live) - nick castro (w/ b'eirth)
15. "last sunbeams in a darkening hall" - jani hellén
16. "lullaby" - the does
17. "no more dripping from windsor's beard" - mike tamburo
18. "kuu putoaa" – braspyreet

Everyneurotic 09.06.2006 10:18 AM


Pookie 09.06.2006 10:33 AM


Originally Posted by Kegmama
Black Flag
Live 10-13-84

Is that this one. One of the best things they ever released.


whorefrost 09.06.2006 10:35 AM

Cecil Taylor - Conquistador

after this i think i might just jam some Immolation/Immersion...

gmku 09.06.2006 10:46 AM


Dear beautiful Patti says it best you know who I mean: "It goes beyond risk and hovers like an electric moth. There is no question no apologizing there is just a trust a bond with time and god their relentlessly relaxed method of getting it on and over the land of strain.... I write Smith Corona electric resting on a huge speaker pulsing "Heroin." It makes my fingers vibrate. Anything electric is worth it. We are the true children of Frankenstein we were raised on electricity.... The only criticize I got is the eyes the cover eats shit. Music like this so black and white so 8 millimeter should have been wrapped in the perfect photograph -- a Mapplethorpe still life: syringe and shades and black muscle tee. L.R. + V.U. 69 are a kool creem oozing soothing mesmerizing like hypnos scooping wind down pain mountain. This double set is completely worth it not a bad cut always with it. It will relax you help it all to make sense the Sixties ended in a sea of warm puke delicate enough to be called art. And it was LIVE man with a few scattered rounds of slack applause a product as perfect as the mutualated victim. Theres no difference between after the murder and apres the perfect perform. And if Lou dont remember how it felt to shell it out you will not soon forget how it feels to hear. When the musics over and you turn out the light its like . . . coming down from a dream."

That's from her review in CREEM, 1974. Listen to something Patti likes and feel a part of the revolution, kids. Yes.

Everyneurotic 09.06.2006 11:33 AM

s.o.b. - peel sessions
jesus and mary chain - live in heaven boot (1987 in vienna)

PAULYBEE2656 09.06.2006 04:01 PM

wedding present


havent heard it in years. quality indie rock when indie meant something....oh shit, its on rca, oh well, still quality!

porkmarras 09.06.2006 04:01 PM


Lexaunculpt-the blurring of the trees

nicfit 09.06.2006 04:02 PM

silence is sexy

Hip Priest 09.06.2006 05:39 PM


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