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Hip Priest 08.26.2006 04:38 AM

^The shop is called 'Records', somewhere in California. Those two people are musician friends of Mr Shadow, I think.

DemonBox 08.26.2006 04:41 AM

I'm listening to Joni Mitchell, Amelia.

DemonBox 08.26.2006 04:55 AM

Edwin Star - War

"They say we must figth to keep our freedom, but lord knows there must be a better way"

Great tune.

Signpost 08.26.2006 06:25 AM

Plastic Crimewave Sound - No Wonderland

Tokolosh 08.26.2006 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by Hip Priest
^The shop is called 'Records', somewhere in California. Those two people are musician friends of Mr Shadow, I think.

Thanks. I always thought it was in London for some reason or other.

alyasa 08.26.2006 09:50 AM


Originally Posted by Tokolosh

Dj Shadow - Endtroducing

Does anyone know where this record bar is?

Insight, foresight, more sight, the clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight.

TheDom 08.26.2006 10:09 AM


finding nobody 08.26.2006 10:19 AM


porkmarras 08.26.2006 12:18 PM

Finished unpacking and i'm listening to the cd that sonicl sent me.Thanks!!!!!!!

no value 08.26.2006 12:19 PM


porkmarras 08.26.2006 01:00 PM

sonicl thanks soooooo much for the Gate cd.It's beautiful,i'm on my second listen.This is really,really good!!

Everyneurotic 08.26.2006 01:04 PM


porkmarras 08.26.2006 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by Kegmama
Wolf Eyes- Dead Hills

Scary mama!!hehe

HaydenAsche 08.26.2006 01:14 PM

WOLF EYES - Dead motherfucking Hills

porkmarras 08.26.2006 02:32 PM
Tele:Funken -A collection of ice cream vans vol.2

HaydenAsche 08.26.2006 02:35 PM

the Microphones - Mount Eerie.

RdTv 08.26.2006 02:39 PM

at this very moment...Ramshackle by Beck

porkmarras 08.26.2006 04:04 PM

Ultra Vivid Scene-Joy 1967-1990

acousticrock87 08.26.2006 04:32 PM

The Whitey Album

Pookie 08.26.2006 04:33 PM

Been listening to a Fall tape Hip Priest sent me. I can't believe how little of The Fall I've heard. Great stuff.

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