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terminal pharmacy 08.15.2006 01:47 AM


Originally Posted by Hip Priest
WWOZ Radio.

cool stuff HP i just checked out the site.

and im listening to a cast recording of steven sondheim's assassins, which i am doing a sound design for next year

marleypumpkin 08.15.2006 04:24 AM

Be Your Own Pet- Lollapalooza '06

Hip Priest 08.15.2006 04:25 AM


Originally Posted by terminal pharmacy
cool stuff HP i just checked out the site.

and im listening to a cast recording of steven sondheim's assassins, which i am doing a sound design for next year

It's a nice station, isn't it? Good jazz and blues stuff.

Hip Priest 08.15.2006 04:26 AM


Originally Posted by marleypumpkin
Be Your Own Pet- Lollapalooza '06

Can that be 'upped', as I believe it's termed? So theat we can all enjoy it? I'm thinking specifically of me, really. :rolleyes:

marleypumpkin 08.15.2006 04:29 AM

Oh, sure thing my good man. Just give me a few min. & I shall have an archive ready for everyone.

Tokolosh 08.15.2006 04:33 AM


marleypumpkin 08.15.2006 04:38 AM


Can I coax you into upping that Black Helicopter for me?

Hip Priest 08.15.2006 04:54 AM

Fantasic, marley. Many thanks. I'll have to download at home later though.

Nice to see you around, by the way.

marleypumpkin 08.15.2006 05:00 AM

Thanks! It's always nice to be back home.

I'll just make a seperate thread for the link, so it's easy to find.

Norma J 08.15.2006 06:08 AM

I was the kid with the backpack full of revolution
Listing the crimes like genocide, slavery and
mass polution
With footnotes and documentation
So I could argue with confidence at hockey rinks
and bars
Alone against the relentless machine in mercy
I put myself to sleep
Yeah I'm ashamed, I put myself to sleep

Wanna change the world WAKE UP
Wanna make a difference WAKE UP
Wanna save the world
Wanna change the human natured
Wake up and smell the facism

What with it take to wake you from contented slumber?
Will you notice a jet crashing through your building?
Did you notice so many hate us?
Do you doubt they have just cause?
Do you see lies falling from mouths of politicians
like turds filling a litterbox, they scratch
but each new movement pushes up an old lie

One world, one voice, one currency,
One dream, one cause, one emperor,
One boss, one king, one dictator
Can you sleep through this?
Why do you think all empires fall?

Happy cheese comes from happy cows
They're so udderly happy, just fucken ask them

Androol 08.15.2006 06:52 AM

return of martha splatterhead

Cantankerous 08.15.2006 09:59 AM


porkmarras 08.15.2006 12:59 PM

Sun Ra and the Blues Project
Joh Cooper Clarke-The psycle sluts
Fall-The infotainment scan

porkmarras 08.15.2006 01:11 PM

And now,inspired by the wire thread:

Badawi-Final warning

Iain 08.15.2006 01:55 PM

Porky, what's the Sun Ra one all about? Haven't heard of it.

Right now I am listening to side to of The No Neck Blues Band Meets The Clear People With Mystery Gypped Live At Ken's Electric Lake.

HairwayToSteven 08.15.2006 02:21 PM


harris 08.15.2006 03:40 PM


marleypumpkin 08.15.2006 03:56 PM

Jim Gaffigan- "Beyond The Pale"

finding nobody 08.15.2006 04:36 PM

BYOP- live
thanks to marleypumpkin

nomadicfollower 08.15.2006 05:16 PM

Another first time listen: Kraftwerk - Autobahn

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