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dirty bunny 07.09.2009 08:28 PM

post-nothing- japandroids

Sonic Youth 37 07.09.2009 08:47 PM


automatic bzooty 07.10.2009 12:26 AM

regina spektor - sailor song

shh. might go see her with some friends in the fall.

automatic bzooty 07.10.2009 02:22 AM


demonrail666 07.10.2009 03:06 AM


Zombie Robot 07.10.2009 03:14 AM


sunn o)))

demonrail666 07.10.2009 03:29 AM


SYRFox 07.10.2009 03:36 AM

j dilla - donuts

sarramkrop 07.10.2009 04:05 AM

Sonic Youth - New York 1992


Sonic Youth, live at CBGB's, New York, 3rd July 1992

Sonic Youth played this show in relative secret, going under the name Drunken Butterfly, just twenty days before the release of Dirty, much of which makes up the setlist. Soundboard sourced, so a great sound. Enjoy!

01. Teenage Riot
02. Burning Spear
03. Dirty Boots
04. Drunken Butterfly
05. Theresa's Sound-World
06. Youth Against Fascism
07. Swimsuit Issue
08. Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit
09. 100%
10. Sugar Kane
11. Expressway To Yr Skull

Download samples, they're not included in Zip...
Youth CBGB

noisereductions 07.10.2009 07:05 AM


loubarret 07.10.2009 07:28 AM


SuperCreep 07.10.2009 08:44 AM


Torn Curtain 07.10.2009 09:16 AM

U2 - The unforgettable fire

SuperCreep 07.10.2009 01:28 PM


automatic bzooty 07.10.2009 01:30 PM


sonic sphere 07.10.2009 02:44 PM


batreleaser 07.10.2009 02:52 PM

im moving out of my apartment and am putting my stuff in storage up in the foothills of tucson at my ant jane's house (technically second cousin) because im moving into a nicer, equally priced one bedroom house to not have to deal with roomate bullshit. when it comes to boring tasks, its all about smoking weed and listening to classic but trippy music that keeps your mind at ease. hip hop, psych rock, drone, and some electronic musics are the way to go for these situations.

while cleaning, im listening to la otracina's 'blood moon riders', shit is so awesome and psychedelic.

raekwon-blog on the apron mixtape
ugk-the southern way casette
tuxedo moon-ghost sonata
tuexedo moon-cabin in the sky
facialmess-dub made flesh
the fall-live at the witch trials
total-beyond the rim
toiling midgets-seat of unrest
three 6 mafia-when the smoke clears
conrad schnitzler-electronegativity casette
faust tapes

noisereductions 07.10.2009 03:15 PM


dirty bunny 07.10.2009 04:12 PM


Not as disgustingly awful as I first thought, that's for sure. But still far from the masterpiece some people claim it is.

sonic sphere 07.10.2009 04:29 PM


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