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dirty bunny 07.08.2009 11:46 PM

Girl Talk? Is that an album or a band?

<--- listening to this

viewtiful_alan 07.08.2009 11:54 PM

Girl Talk is an artist also.
But no, girl trouble is the band in that pic, hit it or quit it is the album

stu666 07.09.2009 01:54 AM

Primavera Sound 2009
Barcelona, Spain
Parc del Forým, ATP Stage

(from dime)

automatic bzooty 07.09.2009 03:16 AM

The Velvet Underground, Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes. I want to live inside old school Lou Reed's amp.

Youth_Against_Facism 07.09.2009 03:37 AM





sonic sphere 07.09.2009 05:25 AM


automatic bzooty 07.09.2009 05:50 AM


noisereductions 07.09.2009 07:20 AM


stu666 07.09.2009 09:02 AM


Zombie Robot 07.09.2009 11:38 AM

^ excellent stu, but u already know that. ;)


the live 'Hey' is so sexy. one of my favs.

loubarret 07.09.2009 12:14 PM

Broken+Pretty Hate Machine-NIn

After last night great gig.

sonic sphere 07.09.2009 12:39 PM


Zombie Robot 07.09.2009 12:47 PM


dirty bunny 07.09.2009 01:12 PM


looking glass spectacle 07.09.2009 01:13 PM


Satan 07.09.2009 01:29 PM


go ahead and flame me. see if i give a fuck.

sonic sphere 07.09.2009 01:42 PM


SuperCreep 07.09.2009 01:43 PM


MellySingsDoom 07.09.2009 01:47 PM


Originally Posted by Satan

go ahead and flame me. see if i give a fuck.

This album is pure Win.

I love the bit where the engineer is whispering away and moaning about having to work wiv da Muvvers and also the Velvet Underground.

Remember kids, say "yo" to the Mothers and always carry your Megaphone Of Destiny with you.

(Boring trivia bit - this magnum opus is referenced on that "legendary" Satin Chickens single in a few places).

MellySingsDoom 07.09.2009 01:51 PM

Oh yeah, and I'm listening to the new Sunn 0))) album again.

*raises claw*

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