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Cantankerous 07.31.2006 10:58 AM

the stones are my favorite, but there is no denying that clapton is a great guitarist.
strange brew
sunshine of your love
world of pain
dance the night away
blue condition
tales of brave ulysses
we're going wrong
outside woman blues
take it back
mothers lament

gmku 07.31.2006 11:00 AM

How about Derek and the Dominoes? I was a sucker for that one for a long time, even for their Live CD. But now... it's hard to be patient through some of the jams.

Cantankerous 07.31.2006 11:00 AM

hate derek and the dominos. layla is one of my least favorite songs ever.

gmku 07.31.2006 11:02 AM

Don't wanna buy my Live at the Filmore 2-CD then? hehe... I can't even get the used CD place to take it.

k-krack 07.31.2006 11:03 AM

gmku- (haha) i'm sure some jackass on ebay would buy it. clapton is such a snore.

Cantankerous 07.31.2006 11:04 AM


this is what's going on, motherfuckers.
and still, it's been what? 35 years since this album? keith still doesn't have his shit together.

k-krack 07.31.2006 11:16 AM

what the hell is with that zipper. that doesn't make sense, its way down, but yet the zipper is still together. thats stupid. its together on both sides.t hat would be damn near impossible to slide into.

plus he clearly has something in his pocket, so that would leave even less room. doesn't make sense. i saw a guy the other day at a hardcore show and his pants were so tight i thought my balls would rupture because he was so constricted.

porkmarras 07.31.2006 11:18 AM

Only rock?

porkmarras 07.31.2006 11:29 AM


k-krack 07.31.2006 11:32 AM

watchin some Wolf Eyes videos.

gmku 07.31.2006 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by Cantankerous

this is what's going on, motherfuckers.
and still, it's been what? 35 years since this album? keith still doesn't have his shit together.

Actually Keith probably had his shit more together when they made that album than most of the time since. In a weird hippie-junkie outlaw kind of way. He had more soul back then. After that he got too rich and stopped caring.

sonic sphere 07.31.2006 01:51 PM

sonic youth- diRty deluxe edition

Hip Priest 07.31.2006 01:55 PM

Sonic Youth - Sister

screamingskull 07.31.2006 01:59 PM


and all your bad days will end, you have to sleep late when you can, and alll your bad days will end

touch me i'm sick 07.31.2006 03:40 PM

the microphones

Hip Priest 07.31.2006 04:37 PM

Black Grape.

Magublafix 07.31.2006 04:42 PM

Früchte des Zorns

Iain 07.31.2006 04:44 PM

Simpy Saucer - Cyborgs Revisited

krastian 07.31.2006 04:49 PM


k-krack 07.31.2006 04:52 PM

Talking Heads- Remain In Light

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