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demonrail666 05.30.2009 05:53 AM


sarramkrop 05.30.2009 06:16 AM


sonic sphere 05.30.2009 06:18 AM




Dead-Air 05.30.2009 09:11 AM

Eno - Apollo Atmosphere's and Soundtracks (trying to convince my son to go back to sleep, so that I can too!)

sonic sphere 05.30.2009 09:15 AM

omar rodriguez-lopez & lydia lunch-ep

automatic bzooty 05.30.2009 10:10 AM


listen to me! i'm on the stereo! stereo-oh!

sonic sphere 05.30.2009 10:18 AM

the orb-the orb's adventures beyond the ultraworld

automatic bzooty 05.30.2009 10:51 AM



batreleaser 05.30.2009 11:29 AM

khanate-clean hands go foul (for the fifth time in two days)

altar of flies-trapped under water
andrew coltrane-shock damage
burnt hills-stoners pot palace
chaos ch 7"
climax golden twins-7 cents a piece
ich-s/t lp bootleg
diamond shell-the grand imperial diamond shell
kevin drumm and aaron dilloway-i eat you skin
gibson bros-big pine boogie
headcleaner 7"
maher shalal hash baz-souvenier de bauve
monoshock-walk to the fire
naked on the vague-poltergeist palm 7"
the laughing mothers-tunnel/cats cradle 7"
gucci mane-bird money mixtape
guided by voices-devil between my toes
trae-the beginning
the groundhogs-crosscut saw

Torn Curtain 05.30.2009 12:02 PM

Santogold (but I'm not enjoying it a lot)

sonic sphere 05.30.2009 02:56 PM

overkill-from the underground & below

SuperCreep 05.30.2009 02:57 PM


viewtiful_alan 05.30.2009 02:59 PM

On vinyl:


toxic johnny 05.30.2009 03:06 PM


Sonic Youth 37 05.30.2009 03:50 PM


Torn Curtain 05.30.2009 03:59 PM

Iggy Pop - 28 may 2009, Studio 105, Maison de la Radio, Paris France FM (from dime)

Sonic Youth 37 05.30.2009 04:02 PM


Originally Posted by automatic bzooty

listen to me! i'm on the stereo! stereo-oh!

Go find the live version off the vinyl that came with the deluxe edition BEGN, it's amazing. He sings the Geddy Lee part in a very high falsetto.

SuperCreep 05.30.2009 04:23 PM


why, I have no idea. I only like a few songs on it.

Derek 05.30.2009 04:26 PM

melvins - bullhead

al shabbray 05.30.2009 04:45 PM


yay for mr slowhand

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