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chrome noise tape 05.24.2009 06:03 AM


automatic bzooty 05.24.2009 06:45 AM

sunday - sonic youth

atsonicpark 05.24.2009 07:01 AM

The Frogs

sonic sphere 05.24.2009 07:11 AM

grandaddy-the broken down comforter collection

greedrex 05.24.2009 07:17 AM

Coco Rosie - Noah's Ark

not as bad as i remembered it to be.
However at some point you realize that all the songs have those exact same chords hahahahaha

automatic bzooty 05.24.2009 07:40 AM


shut up. the first four tracks are all great pop songs. really.

greedrex 05.24.2009 07:42 AM

^^^ha yeah!

pokkeherrie 05.24.2009 08:12 AM

The new Silvester Anfang.

I really like their new sound.

sonic sphere 05.24.2009 08:53 AM

green river-rehab doll

Dead-Air 05.24.2009 09:34 AM

"Fuer den Untergang" by Einstuerzende Neubauten from Als Die Partisanen

greedrex 05.24.2009 11:33 AM


and now

sonic sphere 05.24.2009 12:10 PM

grooverider-mysteries of funk

oss 05.24.2009 12:59 PM

sonic sphere 05.24.2009 02:04 PM

guru guru-ufo

Savage Clone 05.24.2009 03:15 PM

This sounds like something I want. I love Diana's work!

sonic sphere 05.24.2009 04:03 PM

hamell on trial-ed's not dead:hamell comes alive!

stu666 05.24.2009 04:17 PM


automatic bzooty 05.24.2009 04:21 PM


did eno play live more when he was all glammy? because his tracks on this are awesome.

joe11121 05.24.2009 04:52 PM

^ How is that album automatic bzooty? By the people on it, looks like it would be damn good.

automatic bzooty 05.24.2009 05:22 PM

kevin ayers' side is completely wiggedy wack - i dunno, i haven't heard any of his stuff besides for his half of the album. compared to the others, he's so boring!
eno is on fiyaaaaaah. mindblowing.
cale is juuust getting into his crazy coked out island trilogy, my favorite stuff of anything he's done since the velvets. deranged 'n' depraved, s'how i like my cale.
nico... is nico. i dig her portion, but i suppose it really depends on your tolerance for gothy solo nico/the doors' "the end."

in summary, eno makes err'body look somewhat weaksauce by comparason.

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